Motorola Motoactv Fit Tracker Vs Nike + Fuelband

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Motorola's state-of-the-art new fitness tracker, Motoactv, has a lot of monsters when it comes to skills. As a result, there are many different product and module categories that are competing with. This article discusses that Motoactv is accumulating a well-known alternative that is also the focus of attention – the Nike + Fuelband.

Style and Design

One of the things you know about Nike Fuelband is really light and slim. It wraps your wrist well and the screen is built directly into the wrist, making it very compact and hard to notice when it is switched on.

Motoactv, on the contrary. Although it has a trendy, smooth design, it's a great piece of tech to sport on its wrist and quickly notice its weight. The GPS watch is actually 2 "long and 2" wide, 0.4 inches deep, the style is attractive but can not compete with the size and weight of Nike

] Score: Nike 1: Motorola 0 [19659002] Specifications

Motoactv is a true jack-of-all trade that captures outdoor exercises through GPS. The device incorporates a built-in intelligent MP3 player that teaches the preferred exercise bands, accelerometer for indoor activity and the number of steps / calorie burning. Motorola can still sync with ant compliant devices such as heart rate sensors and cycling speeds

Nike offers integrated accelerometer and monitor day-to-day operations and synchronize with your smartphone and inform you of its activity levels, and the calories expire

Motoactv has won this round:

Score: Nike 1: Motorola 1

Phone Connection

If you want to connect a fitness device tracker to your cell, is the determining factor for you, as Nike Fuelband currently only has an application for an iOS device, Motoactv only has an Android mobile phone application. In both cases, the application is astonishingly advantageous and extends the value of the device, no matter which of these devices has been chosen, whatever the iPhone user or Android lover.

There is no obvious winner in this round.

Score: Nike 1: Motorola 1


The 8GB Motoactv carries a $ 249.99 RRP. Nike Fuelband is much cheaper than $ 149.99. If you want Motoactv's additional capabilities, you will surely have to pay for them.

Nike wins this time.

Score: Nike 2: Motorola 1


Motoactv follows a number of sports events, includes built-in schedules and wirelessly guides phone calls from your mobile to make sure it breaks through the workout. This is a good choice for a training MP3 player as well. Nike, however, keeps track of your daily exercise and calories, which is great for those who are struggling for their health, but are likely to be less helpful to someone who is qualified or a health and fitness enthusiast.

I'm a personal trainer fan, not really a simple tool like looking for Fuelband, just after a more complete monitoring, such as Motorola. So Motoactv personally takes this opportunity!

Score: Nike 2: Motorola 2


So this is a call! I think both of these products are actually designed for two different markets, so the decision really depends on your identity and what you are looking for.

For the informal trainer who is looking for new products to help fit and stay motivated, it's not easy to use with Nike.

For more exercise and fitness enthusiasts, as well as for those endurance training programs, Motoactv's list of major features and capabilities are the best solution. If you would like to see a more detailed Motoactv Review you can do this by following this link.

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