Managing Program Integration

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Managing program integration is about co-ordinating multiple components and multiple program management processes. Integration management is characterized by unification, centralization and coordination between different activities and results. Integrate the program with your organization's existing operations.

The processes undergoing integration are primarily integrating different elements. For example, the Integration Management process in the Initiation Process Group integrates all of the initiating activities.

Similarly, design processes combine all other design processes.

Integration Management Includes Integration of Components, Process Integration and

Example: The public transport conversion program involves adding new buses to the existing fleet. This program must be integrated with existing commute operations.

Integration can be the definition of specific routes for adding new buses, informing the public about expected changes, encouraging training and drivers, measuring impact on existing traffic, and so on.

The first process is the Initiation program. This process is part of the initiating process group and usually takes place at the beginning of the program life cycle.

Connecting the phase, process group, and process would be the launch phase, the process group initiative and the process within the Integration Knowledge Initiative program.

Process launcher means assigning a program manager, high estimates, and chartering a program. Rental includes the creation of a charter program which, when approved, basically permits the program.

We analyze the business case and the strategic guidelines to determine that creating a program is the best process of action to achieve the benefits.

In the business case, a cost-benefit analysis is conducted to determine feasibility.

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