Hyperfuse Rondo

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Nike's most successful advertising is not just ads. Based on the big broken old Rondo in the playoffs in time and time. Nike Zoom Hyperfuse has become the most popular basketball player ever to attract more and more fans.

Region Rondo was born on February 22, 1986 in Louisten, Kentucky (Louisville, Kentucky). He is an American professional basketball athlete who is defending against the 2006 NBA Boston Celtics. Boston was traded after 21 of the Phoenix Suns were selected. And he got the NBA championship with 2008 All-Starr: Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce. And she signed up with Nike. So he wore basketball shoes sponsored by Nike. He was an integral member of the winning team, and he also devoted remarkable attention to the team. You can also win a trophy in the court and win more Nike at the end of the playoffs. You once said that it's never long since the New Playoffs are the best for yourself or people think it's the best performance. Each play has to prove itself.

During the final defeat of Orland Magic, Rondo scored 25 points and provided 8 grants to Hyperfuse Rondo. In the summer this was the best shoe in the 2010 NBA playoffs. Innovative shoes have been fitted with a stable stable layer and a durable outer layer. Nike Hyperfuse Rondo produces a sporty white synthetic mesh leather with green accents in the swoosh, collar and inner lining. So far, the Division's NBA Finals was a surprise and alternating action. It seems a totally flourishing blushway with some atramentous thasperousout. His popularity was played by countless people when Region Rondo was playing in the 2010 NBA Finals. What's more, on the black and Rondo 9, at the corner, this seamless unibody design is revolutionary and meets your feet.

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