How to Make Spot Credible Nike SB Dunks

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Since 1991, Nike shoes (whose nominal value has been celebrated for victory after the Greek goddess) have won countless honors and no one can instantly recognize their "swoosh". Of the most popular lines, the Nike SB Dunks. The great thing about them is to get a value below $ 100 for an official dealer. The demand for Nike Dunk SBs, however, raised the prices above the thousand dollar value. And where there is money, people will do their best to get it, including the sale of fake Nike Skateboarding Dunks to an unsuspecting customer. It is therefore extremely important that you know what the truth is before you pass the hard earned money.

first The first step is to examine the current Nike Dunk SB box. The orange boxes from the first and second series. The third series was placed in a silver box with a green label. They are also silver colored with an orange label, a pink black or orange tag and black and purple boxes with a black tag. If Nike SB Dunk is in another color box, it may not be the real one.

2nd The second step is to remove the shoes from the box. A clean, reclosable bag must be attached to the shoe. The bag should include the Nike SB Dunks spare corset. The bag should include the Nike logo and be in black with the letters SB below it. Make sure the font is not cheap and is not painted.

3rd The third step is to actually check the shoe laces. Their color has to be different from what Nike Dunk SB has taped. Authentic pens are flat and wide, while counterfeits are often inexpensive, thin and round.

4th The fourth step is checking the Nike Dunk SBs language. It should be a thick, bent tongue that is V-shaped or U-shaped. If it's thin or square, it's fake.

5th The fifth step is to ensure that the Nike logo embroidered on the back is beautiful and greasy. Make sure they are properly distributed and "E" is not too far from the "K."

6th The sixth step involves examining Swoosh logos. It is important that the Swoosh of Nike Skateboarding Dunkson is too thick and not too thin. Take care if the seam does not fit the edge of Swoosh.

7th The seventh and final step is to look at the soles. The authentic Nike SB Dunks are both "Nike", Swoosh and registered trademarks (R registered). These are found on the Nike SB Dunk base in the middle position. If the symbol R and the logos are not at the same level, then it is a certainty that you are holding counterfeits.

Hopefully, the next time you catch a lot of things, you will remember these tips and you can quickly find out that Nike SB Dunks is the real thing.

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