How to make football feathers in the top form

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Football chips are not capable of becoming better players, but they definitely get the best of you because they will be able to use the skills properly. There are so many handholds on the market and the right choice, comfort, materials and features should be the right choice to enjoy the job. But this is one thing to buy the perfect party, and it's quite different if you do not take care of your football players. Retention of peak forms enhances durability and quality and is not so difficult to keep them in the highest form

1. Avoid the myth of the hot water technique to loosen the soccer boots because it ruins the shoe, even though it loosens and extends to provide a good fit. Instead, choose a better break in techniques such as jogging before warming up or playing. The more activities you do when you wear a shoe, the more relaxed they are and the better they fit when they finally start playing

. If you want to soften your leather shoes, choose a high-quality leather. The game can be used on boots after proper cleaning after the game. The softer the boots, the more comfortable the fit is and the easier it is to move on the track.

3rd For natural leather drums, polishing the creams is enough to ensure that it does not dry out. There is a need for this conditioner to maintain softness and to save and dry your shoes. When it is soft, cracking and curing cease.

4th Air cleans after each game and avoids situations when you leave them in the bag until the next day. In football boots, you can upload newspapers to moisten moisture and keep them dry. It is also important not to dry excessive direct sunlight or areas that are too hot to end.

5th Immediately remove the cord from the game; the only place to wear on the spot. Hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, may pinch the spikes so they are less functional to grab them while playing.

6th Clean the soccer boots as soon as possible after the game to avoid skin and skin dirt. During cleaning, you must also ensure that every inch of the trunk, including the toothed areas, is cleaned as a result of stapling.

7th Use fine cleansers that do not damage your shoes and do not affect your breathing ability. The cleaning process and detergents should be as weak as possible to keep your shoes in the top shape for a long time.

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