How Nike came

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Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc. paid thirty five dollars for the "swoosh" designed by Carolyn Davidson, who at that time was the graphic designer at Portland State University. Twelve years later, he was given a diamond ring that "Swoosh & # 39; and the amount of undisclosed inventory in one of the world's most respected companies.

William Jay Bowerman was a track-field trainer trained by a staggering number of Olympic athletes as well as many other US record holders. Prior to that he was a teacher and later a lieutenant in the US Army. The jogging phenomenon was approved even after the Jogging book, becoming the bestseller and the people dealing with the activity. So it is not surprising that you always look for ways to create better athletic shoes, especially light athletes. He is behind the creation of "Cortez" – an iconic Nike design – as well as "Moon Shoes".

Philip Hampson Knight ran to Bowerman. She was a university student when she realized she had a good business model. He traveled to Japan to discover Tiger shoes.

Together with Bowerman, many Tiger shoes were sold under Blue Sports Ribbon. Bowerman's commitment to the trackside track was only natural to design sports shoes. The company grew and later changed its name to Nike after the winged Greek goddess.

Although Nike initially struggled with issues and problems, the big basketball star in 1985, Michael Jordan lifted Nike's name with the popular Air Jordan shoe and clothing series. Many famous athletes are approaching Nike and the rest are history.

Initially, all Nike shoes were made of leather. The first plans were Nike Bruin and Blazer. The Blazer was Nike's first entry into the basketball arena. In 1973 Bruint was tortured. In 1981, the first Nike Gamebreaker Low branded leather and canvas design was sold. At the same time, the Nike Dynasty made of leather and mesh also appeared. Nike Challenge Cortu made of nylon mesh, and in 1985 the stunning popular Nike Air Jordan. Prior to that, in 1983, Nike Air Force 1 debuted. This is a significant achievement, as it was the first shoe that had air. This technology has led Nike to become the industry leader, and Nike has remained so far.

In 2003, Nike bought the passionate, almost-century Converse, and chose the Le Bron James for the NBA's latest start.

Over the years, Nike's research and development arm has introduced countless plans for every kind of development every time. Air Jordan offers a unique range of dozens of models in a wide range of colors. The latest news is about the coming Air Jordan VI Retro infrared package. The design date of the already legendary package is 19 June 2010.

There are so many different types of Nike shoes that are suitable for a wide variety of educational forms and activities, as well as sportsmen and sportswomen. Stay calm with Nike – you know … just do it!

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