How did the famous brands get their name?

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What is the purpose of the names? Of course, someone remembers it. Enterprises are also like individuals with individual identity and personality. Their name is a sign of customer trust and trustworthiness. Because of the increasing appreciation of brand building, it sells everything by name. Previously you only bought shoes. But today, Nike or Adidas likes sportswear, or Don Carlos or Pierre Cardin for nice footwear.

Some brands get their name from things that are not related to the nature of the business, but they still agree with the brand. But how are the brands called? What is their corporate etymology? Behind every renowned brand name there is an interesting history hidden, which most of them do not know. Here are 10 famous brands and how they are named:

1. Google:

Did you know that Google was originally called "Backrub"? The company decided to change the word "Googol" in 1998, a number with 1, followed by 100 zeros. The name was mistakenly "Google", so the name was created

. Apple:

Even if the design of the name and logo is irrelevant to the basic purpose of business, that is important. Apple is the fruit that motivated Newton to discover gravity. So Apple for Apple Inc is an inspiration for continuous invention and development. Adidas:

Do you really know Adidas's meaning? Well, no "Every day when I dream of sport". Adi Adi

Adobe actually came from the Adobe Creek River, behind John Warnock's co-founder. Caterpillar:

Caterpillar Inc. originally merged with Holt Tractor Co. and Best Tractor Co. in 1925. The company photographer loudly exclaimed from a Holt tractor that the motion track is similar to the ground. So the name was created and stayed there

. Coke:

One of the strongest brands in the world, the name of the coke comes from sow leaves and kola walnut flavors. The creator of John S. Pemberton changed "K" to "C" to make the name resonate and harmonized. Mercedes:

Most consciousness lies behind the Mercedes Benz logo. But the famous car brand was originally named after Emil Jellini's daughter, Mercela's Jélek. Emil Jellini was the man behind the engine designed by Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler, officially the name of his daughter. Mercedes is actually her daughter's nickname.

8. Häagen-Dazs:

This is two constructed words that look Scandinavian for the American people. This is called foreign branding. The owner Mattus thought that Denmark had well-known dairy products and had a positive image in the United States. Nike:

Yes, the Nike logo was designed for $ 35 but needed to know how worthy the name. The name of the company is "Nike – Greek goddess of victory".

10. Toyota – The Lucky Charm:

Originally named founder Sakichi Toyoda, but later changed to a logo design . The new name was written in eight Japanese letters, which is considered a fortunate figure in Japan.

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