Google sets the standard for a happy working environment

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Google operates under Fortune magazine, which lists the top 50 companies. Google seems to be the most popular competitor for most features, including unusual benefits, cafes, medical cover and work environment. Most of the companies that made the first 50 have only one or two areas to enjoy the result. This is the second year in a row when Google successfully secured the number one position in Fortune's corporate assessment.

The standard benefits offered by Google include 100% health care and childcare facilities. In addition, new mothers receive 18-week paid maternity leave while priests are given seven weeks. There are some, not completely standard, 17 cafes that offer free food for every employee.

The Google rule is that no employee can be farther than 100 feet from the source of food. This does not mean that you only have access to junk food vending machines, or that cafes provide fast, easy and greasy food. The highest caliber chefs prepare their meals with the unique variations of everyday foods. Macaroni and cheeses, for example, are made with wild mushrooms and truffles.

They also have a strong interest in environmental protection and have a section on research into "green" technologies. Google will make every effort to work as efficiently as possible, a mind set that is inspired by its employees. In the spirit of energy saver, support members of staff who buy hybrid or electric cars for $ 1,000. Employees in California are eligible for special benefits when installing solar cells in their home.

Google is also quite unique because it has a policy that allows sharp animal lovers to bring their favorite pet to work. The obvious condition is that different dogs, cats, and selected people have to behave relatively well and have to be well-trained. The Inquirer (UK) has reported that pet policy is being reviewed since a petroleum petrolium, which was not well behaved, brought caste and terror to the New York branch.

Bingham McCutchen has only put 41 in the list, but is the number one company in the case of high payment packages. The law firm is known for the promising legal university graduates, a giant $ 160,000 a year. Their legal secretaries, whose importance is often ignored by other companies, earn an average of $ 69,000 a year. This is higher than what other business executives are looking for. The average salary of Bingham McCutchen staff is staggering 211,177 dollars a year.

eBay at San Jose University has special stress strokes for employees who need some peace of mind and relaxation. Comfortable pillows and Tatami carpets are ideal for morning prayer and meditation, so staff can return to upgrade and revitalize their tasks.

Camden Property Trust provides 20% discount to employees in the company's residential parks. At the same time, the holidaymakers can use fully furnished apartments for only $ 20.

Nike is one of the most socially-minded businesses, such as the Portland volunteer, like Portland Mountain Rescuers. Emergencies are briefly known regardless of what they are doing or how important they are. When the prospective employees were asked and warned that their work is interrupted by mountain searches, the usual answer is "what's important to save life or sell shoes?"

One of the things that all businesses on the top of the 50 list are common that we all realize that a company is just as good as the workers and so go out of the way to staff happiness and satisfaction. Staff turnover is low, while workplace satisfaction is high. Who would not want to work for a company who hires a whole movie for a day so his staff would show up on a screenplay on their release date?

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