Golf T-shirt or T-shirt: What's the difference?

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T-shirts on the market have a more spacious chest, larger armrests, longer fingers only to the elbows and a longer shirt. Excessive features allow freedom of movement in the golf course.

Climate cooler is made of 100% polyester, which keeps cold on cold and wet days. Due to the moisture-removal technology, this material really removes sweat from your skin to keep it dry. If your skin is dry, it naturally becomes cooler. The antibacterial surface helps to eliminate body odor. If you tend to sweat a lot, I highly recommend this material. Keep the 100% cotton fabric away from golf shirts because when they get moisture from sweating or rain, they tend to limit the swing.

For convenience, manufacturers such as Adidas and Izod are less comfortable. Everyone has a golf shirt that the size tag badly rubbed on. Reduction does not help, actually worse. Then he tries to break, he works for a while until the tape falls and he is in the same position. The new tag will less tag this problem.

The new materials that manufacturers are using now retain their shape and comfort for many laundry laundries. UV rays from the sun will not fade as much as 100% heavy cotton; these shirts tend to fade in the collar and shoulder areas just to make up for the sun. This is especially true of darker colors.

Features of the original classic polo shirts are slightly smaller in chest and sleeves. The fingers halfway down the bicep and the arm is weaker smaller. These features may limit your golf swing if you intend to play golf. Stick to the golf shirt for comfort.

There are two other polo shirts available. The individual shirt is smaller in the chest, shorter fingers and shorter tailpieces. The slim shirt is the narrowest chest of the two, not the pants. These two styles are well worn under a sports jacket, but it is not recommended to wear a golf course.

Both golf shirt and t-shirt are designed to keep the cool and comfortable links or back yard BBQ.

I mentioned some differences to them, so hopefully there is more information available for the next purchase.

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