Football positions and duties

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The first important step to understanding football is to learn basic positions and to do their job.


Goalkeeper is what the name suggests: a player whose task is to maintain or defend the goal. The goalkeeper wears a special dress to separate him from other players and is the only player who can afford to use his hand to the ball. However, this is only possible if the ball is in the penalty box and only when the ball is not transferred to him at the foot of his own team.

The goalkeeper often plays a bit of a leading role on the pitch, as he sees the whole field and orders the player. The goalkeeper claims to be an absolute defensive player with some exceptions.


A position that is no longer as common as before is the task of the retractor to fall between the defensive line and the goalkeeper sweep to pass.

You're back in the middle

In the most common formations in the 4-4-2 formation, these players are the most prominent players (away from the goalkeeper). Their duty is to stop the opposite attacks. This is a position that requires great physical strength and ability to read the game.

Wing back

A role that starts from a fairly defensive position, but often moves freely against attacks and nourishes the balls between attacking players. As the name suggests, they play on the edge of the fan.

Defensive Midfield

Also known as an injury defender, the defending midfielder moves away and is centered in front of the defenders. From here, you can read the game, guide the pace, and load the balls for good players to make offensive games while maintaining the defensive integrity or your team.

Midfielder Midfield

Players are in the middle of the center. They need the ball, the great momentum and the real eye of the game. Often they control the team's attacking abilities by allocating offensive bullets to poultry and attackers. In some formations this role is an attacking midfielder which means that this player leaves all defensive abilities and interrupts the offense.


Players are given the task of creating offensive opportunities when the ball is crossed at the edge of the pitch. A good run along the track can open an opposing defense, and as such, these players need good speed, excellent stamina, and great ball management skills. They also need to have the balls that pass or pass through the ball.

Attacks, Attacks and Strikers

The most offensive role of the team, this position is usually responsible for scoring. There are some disciple within the position. One type of attacker is the so-called trequartista is an Italian word that indicates that the player is the most offensive third part of the track. Another type of striker whose sole purpose is the strike – This is a clear goal scorer.

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