Football picks for HG, FG and SG. What is the difference?

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HG (hard ground) – for hard surfaces

FG (solid soil) – for playing on solid surfaces.

SG (soft soil) – for soft surfaces

Why is it important to have the right footholds in different types of areas?

In order to be able to play football for your best skills, you need to get foosballs. For many reasons, but most important is towing. The pins prevent you from slipping, making it easier to turn around, stop and accelerate.

To achieve this, on the outside of the tread (bottom of the shoe), there are several hard rubber, plastic or metal rivets on the surface that provide good adhesion. But the rivets need to be long enough to offer good traction and be short enough to not cause discomfort to excessive pressure on the feet.

In other words, the length of pins and their number depends on the surface types that would be most appropriate.

This basically means that the HARD GROUND (surface) soccer clips are shorter. They provide you with enough amount of towing, but at the same time do not apply too much pressure to your feet, causing discomfort when the ankles can not dig into hard ground. If you play very hard, Turf shoes (cleats – TF) are the best choice.

The SOFT GROUND (SG) terminals can be removed (in most cases) from taps. In the different conditions of soft soils (eg Soft and wet), some differences are not available and can be adjusted accordingly.

FIRM GROUND (FG) thrusters are the most universal. The FG clips are suitable for all field types (too hard and very soft). Of course, they are most suitable for solid surfaces (something hard and soft). But if you play in different types of fields and you can not afford to have two or three football pitches, FG is probably the best choice.

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