Florida Sport Trivia – How Much Do You Know?

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So you think you're an athlete. The cabinets have jerseys, ball caps, and huge foam sleeves. Your diet consists of pizza, beer and chips. Watch the games, note the statistics, and practice your victory dances in front of the mirror. You know about many sports, but how much do you know about Florida's sport? Take this quiz to find out.

first Who directed the Miami Dolphins during the 1972 "Perfect Season"?

a. Don Shula

b. John Elway

c. Dan Marino

d. Bob Griese

2. Despite never playing in Miami, The Heat retired, what's the basketball player?

a. Michael Jordan

b. Larry Bird

c. Magic Johnson

d. Pete Maravich

3. In 2004, Florida Marlins became the only major Major League Baseball Team to do

. a Cheerleading Team

b. a private jet

c. an agreement with Adidas

d. a team of psychiatrist

4. In 1987, which player led the Florida Gators to the NCAA Tournament's Sweet Sixteen

a. Mike Miller

b. Jason Williams

c. David Lee

d. Vernon Maxwell

5. The Florida Panthers founded a professional hockey team that year?

a. 1989

b. 1972

c. 1993

d. 2001

6. The Miami Hurricanes football program keeps the NCAA record in the longest winning series at home, which number

a. 32

b. 45

c. 58

d. 69

7. During the 1996 NFL season, Jacksonville Jaguars defeated one of the biggest turmoil in sport history, who?

a. A Denver Broncos

b. The New York Jets

c. A New England Patriots

d. Miami Dolphins

8. The 2002 Movie Rookie was a former player of Tampa Bay Devil Ray

. Jose Canseco

b. Vinny Castillla

c. Jim Morris

d. Wade Boggs

9. The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the only NFL team in modern soccer history to do what to do?

a. there is a woman in the team

b. Go completely winless

c. post their coach after a game

d. caught cheating

10. Which racing car wins the prize at Homestead-Miami Speedway on a lap?

a. Daryl Earnhardt

b. Greg Moore

c. Ricky Bobby

d. Dario Franchitti

Answers: 1. d. Bob Griese; 2nd the. Michael Jordan; 3rd the. is a Cheerleading team; 4th d. Vernon Maxwell; 5th c. 1993; 6th c. 58; 7th the. Denver Broncos; 8th c. Jim Morris; ninth b. Completely triumphed; 10th b. Greg Moore

See what the result is:

8-10 right : You know the Florida Sport Trivia and anyone. You are the wind under Don Shula's wings.

6-7 correct : You know more than most people, but they are still ready for improvement. It is better to start the two days until the brain is full.

3-5 Right : Slip – Up to 500. This kind of knowledge is flying in Wyoming, but not in Florida.

Less than 3 Right : It may not be just "sport" material. Perhaps it would be better to change the channel from ESPN to Life Time.

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