Five technologies that are Power Adidas running shoes

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Although this is a pair of running shoes, most of the Adidas forMOTION technology focuses on the heel portion of the shoe. It contains a special material that divides the heel part of the shoe into two separate sections. The material between them allows the lower plate-like outer sole to allow the upper intermediate medium to slide and progress more closely as the shoe contacts the ground. This means that it absorbs the effect while shoving its feet into a smoother strike. Adidas claims that the result imitates the natural movements of the leg as much as possible.

adiPRENE and adiPRENE +

This technology controls the leg through a central system that contains two different shaped elements. The two materials offer different properties that affect how the shoe responds to each legstroke. AdiPRENE is a shock absorbing element at the corner of the shoe and adiPRENE + allows the foot to jump and move forward. These two materials combine Adidas shoes in different parts of the shoes, which is very effective in reducing collision and releasing energy to kick the runner forward.


CLIMACOOL is the breathing technology of Adidas. Many different materials belong to CLIMACOOL's technological umbrella. All of them allow the leg to be ventilated from every part of the running shoe, making it cool and comfortable.


The Adidas NOSEAM technology is exactly this sound. There is no sewing in the running shoe. The results are so tight, that never causes dripping or irritation. Adidas has done a good job and durability is not affected by the lack of seams.


Like the rest of the running shoe brand, the Adidas torsion system allows the foot to be independent of the heel. This allows shoes to feel the natural twisting of the foot during walking. The result is better stability and support.

Adidas has always been a driving force for running shoe technology. Their AdiPRENE technology has created reliable running shoes that are durable, powerful and in fact very affordable.

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