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In 1989, Nike Company opened four types of fabrics: Dri-FIT, Therma-FIT, Clima-FIT and Storm-FIT. Here, F is functional, innovative and T technology. These tissues can help athletes resist cold and warm weather, resist storms and snow, and treat sweating.


Dri-FIT material quickly absorbs sweats. You will be delighted to wear clothes from the fabric. The unique Dri-FIT superfine fibers can release moisture through the siphon. Moisture is released to the surface of the garment and evaporates. If you wear such clothes, the Dri-FIF will cling to the skin. Perfectly sweating with sweat and very comfortable. Nike DRI FIF is the best lining material. Features are as follows:

1 Made of Super Fine Thread

2 Sweats the outer layer of the garment and evaporates to keep the laundry dry.

3 Light and Slim

4 Quick Dry

5 Cool and Comfortable To Suit

6 Best Lining Material


Therma-FIT material is lighter and thinner than any other but it is very warm. If a piece of clothing is made of Therma-FIT and the lining is made from Dri-FIT, it should fit perfectly to heat and heat. You can wear this dress for running, skiing, mountaineering, or other types of workouts. Features:

1 Made of super fine fiber

2 Thin and light

3 Protected against cold air and wind

4 It can be very hot.


Clima-FIT is waterproof. It is made of breathable superfine fiber. Water can not merge easily. However, sweat can be pulled out effectively. This is specifically for athletes to run or play golf. Features include:

1 Can hold wind and rain.

2 Clear.

3 Good breathability. Narrow fibers can prevent water, but sweat can easily get out of the body.


Storm-FIT material is waterproof. On the surface of superfine fiber, a layer of waterproof film is covered to protect against rain, snow and hail. If you do high energy activities such as skiing, sailing, hiking and running, you can sweat a lot. If you are wearing a Storm-FIT dress, sweat can easily be drained. Features include:

1 Specially designed for wearing stormy weather.

2 Good breathability. Although water can not easily bleed, it can absorb the skin's sweat and get out of the garbage.

3 Water, Wind and Snow Protection

4 If you are wearing a Nike Therma-FIT or Dri-FIT clothing, the effect of sweating and warmth will be better.

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