Derrick Rose Dunks or how to jump higher

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No doubt Derrick Rose is so crazy. The 20-year-old Chicago Bulls point defender, who is only 6 feet 2½ (not 6 in the NBA profile) – is arguably the most athletic point defender in the NBA! # 1 NBA Draft Pick for 2008 is a giant leaper: he knows his head on the rim level is no problem. His rotten atléta is almost scary: in 2005 he took part in the NIKE Boys Elite Skills Academy in Beaverton, at 17th of the finest high school basketball in the nation. The boys participated in a specific test called SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness). The results were rather interesting:

Then the 16-year-old Rose was second behind Brandan Wright (right, who?). Rose recorded the fastest 20m dash (2.65s!), The longest balloon (69p), the Compass drum (6.19s) and the highest one-step vertical jump to 38.6 to 16! 19659002] Then three years later, during physical testing at the Orlando Emergency Camp in the summer of 2008, Rose exhibited a 40 "vertical. So, it's no question that Derrick Rose might jump. You may remember the 2009 All-Star- Game Skills Challenge: What's the matter with his alley on the Sixers or his face on Leandro Barbosa?

Now, if you want to jump higher, it's important to include three important elements in training : weight measurement, pliometry and stretching, weight training, try Back Squat, the important point here is not the amount of repetitions, but how fast you can move the weight Good plyometric training at the Squat Jump: place your hands on the ground between the legs Now skip as high as you can, and as soon as you land, jump back into the air, then stretch the quaddet (Google "standing quad stage")

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