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Phil-Knight and Bill Bowerman co-founders began selling trainees in 1962 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) with the view that Adidas & the dominance of the American market.
From strength to strength, in 1971, Nike was named after the victorious Greek goddess. This was the time when the brand name "Swoosh" was born. In 1972, Nike was the first public appearance in the Olympics where the athlete and Nike employee Steve Prefontaine wore the coaches.
After the rapid growth in the United States, the company moved to the UK in 1981. The legendary Jordan product family was born in 1985, so Nike is a very important player and a fierce competition for competitors. A & # 39; just do it & # 39; The slogan was born in 1988 and helped Nike to market its leading position.


Adolph Brothers and Rudi Dassler, both sons of a cape, started to make sports shoes in Herzogenaurach, Germany, in 1920. After the debate between the brothers and sisters, they started off in 1948, and Adolph set up Adidas and Rudi to launch the rival Puma brand.
In 1949, the shoe was introduced to support three world-renowned stripes and the Adidas "trefoil" logo was released in 1972. This was later replaced by three striped power: # 39; logo.
It was claimed that although they were previously producing sports shoes such as Converse and Dunlop, Adidas is the original godfather of educational brands.


The Joseph William Foster chassis in Bolton, England, developed the spiked running shoes in 1895. His shoe's success grew, and in 1958 Foster's grandchildren launched the Reebok brand. Until 1979, the company traded in 28 countries, then moved to the United States and created overloaded demand.
After riding the female aerobic freestyle and standing at the top of the sales managers' trainer, Reebok lost the "trainer war" in the 1980s, just like Nike, with the introduction of Jordan.
Pump has been a huge success in the 1990s and Reebok Classic is today the largest sales trainer in the United Kingdom, although the brand is a major step forward in its own country.


Puma's story begins in Germany in 1948, but as Adidas & History has its roots back to the 1920s.
The Puma logo was first founded in 1951 by founder Rudi Dassler and "Form Stripe" a few years later in 1958 – a feature designed to provide extra strength and stability for instructors. They also assume the credibility that in 1968 the first manufacturer used a Velcro strap.
After being registered on a German stock exchange from a small family business, Puma is now one of the most important actors, original plans and new developments.

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