Choosing the Right Tennis Shoe

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Just ask Martina Hingis what it is like wearing the wrong tennis shoe. She once claimed that her shoe sponsor provided poor fitting shoes that caused her foot injuries.

Finding the right size tennis shoes to wear is more important than you may think. If your shoes are too small, you may experience pain and other foot problems. If you are wearing shoes that are too large, you may develop blisters and feel unstable while moving. Even if you've worn the same size for years, it's good to double check your size periodically, as our feet will change over time.

What is the right shoe for tennis?

Tennis shoes are made for playing tennis, although many people find it comfortable for every day use. Many of the most popular brands of athletic shoes make tennis shoes such as Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, Reebok and Wilson.

When you look for a tennis shoe, you want a snug fit, with a durable outer sole. The shoe should feel light and comfortable while providing good traction and cushioning. It is also advisable to select a shoe with a protective toe

If you are upgrading your size, or are unsure what size you need, the first thing you should do is measure your foot. You'll want to make sure you measure your feet at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest. Be sure to have the same type of socks on while measuring that you expect wearing in the shoes.

When trying to figure out your size, always measure both feet. They will differ slightly. When choosing your shoe size, go with the measurement of your biggest foot.

Take a piece of paper for each foot. If you are doing the measurement yourself, make sure you are seated before tracing around each foot. If someone else is doing the tracing, you should stand for the best measurement. Trace around each foot with a pencil … Keep the pencil as vertical as possible, and always in contact with your foot as you go around each foot.

Now take a ruler and measure the traces. For length, you'll want to measure accurately from the longest point on the toes to the longest point on the heel. For width, you'll want to measure between the two widest points on each foot. Measure in either inches or centimeters.

When you are seriously shopping for tennis shoes, you'll find different types available. Some offer lightweight, others are a little heavy made for more aggressive players. Be sure to check out the descriptions of the shoes, so you get the type you need.

Where to get your tennis shoes

You can shop online for tennis shoes or go to your local athletic shoe store. Of course, you can try on shoes at your local store. If you are ordering tennis shoes online, having the exact size for your shoes is helpful so you do not end up sending them back.

One thing you can try is to go to the athletic store and try it on a shoe you like. The shop online and see if you can find a cheap price. If you can order online.

Over the years I have worn many different tennis shoes. From the good old Dunlop Volley to my latest K-Swiss shoes. In between I have an Andre Agassi shoe from Nike and an Adidas Response model.

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