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Another Nike classic. In this viral video, Nike shoots football players with the latest Nike outfit and presents their amazing football. Stylish editing and appealing music productions have combined the videos with the phenomenal skills of some of the players. Some videos have 23.5 million views

Let's see why it's not a new idea, but the mere style and class behind them videos more than they have prepared for it. The idea simply associates Nike's products with the skill of prominent players and people want to buy them. And it worked […]


The most important attraction is the player's ball and skill, but consciousness associates the objects seen in the product with consciousness. It plays for the perceived feeling that most people have and that; their skills are hindered by the tools they use, and not the opposite.

Good athletes in the world are the number one sports, almost universal appeal. The style with which these videos were made in combination with players' capabilities made the video irresistible to people. Anyone who has posted these videos on your site or blog will receive a lot of traffic and a lot of positive comments. Who does not want this?


Nike has produced many videos for new players and other sports. This sort helps keep the audience in the shortest possible time. Everyone wanted to know who the next star would be in Nike's videos, and it gave a lot of humor and many views

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