Basic knowledge of Nike shoes

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For those who fall in love with Nike's shoes, the following tips may be useful to you.

SB: Skateboard abbreviation, representative shoes for Nike DUNK SB.

LE: limited edition

ND: new design, introducing new elements into the original design (mostly refers to the use of new materials, such as patented leather, mesh fabric, skin protection … ..

TB: the team's mass, on behalf of athletes to match the uniform color

NU: inspired by the original aerial jordan shoes when the Jordan brand re-carved shoes like the Nu retro. 19659002] RETRO: re-carved style, air Jordan was one of the most carved shoes.

FL: special color publication footlocker

FNL: special color edition of the finish line

B: back, an addendum whose color does not intend to let go, but eventually it turns out to be sometimes labeled B. Such as: the word is the same as Nike shoes and reference ones. And only for internal use, to some extent LE.

SC: Sport classic, refers to the restarted question on classic shoes.

Prototype: the trial of shoes: it only means very small amounts of production for individuals or organizations and it does not offer for sale.

TB: Team Basketball: Designed specifically for the team

1. Air Force: This is the so-called AF1, as the name suggests, certainly one of the kind

AIR MAX: To accommodate the tastes of changing markets, the Nike AIR MAX series has a transparent outer air cushion for Nike AIR MAX shoes.

ACG: Under all circumstances to gain more and more space in the growing outdoor sports market, Nike has once again introduced a kind of footwear that has been used with warm and waterproof outer material and is ACG.

FREE: a new release, with full benefits to advanced technology to make consumers feel more flexible and comfortable.

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