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Have you ever heard of Nike air max shoes or Nike Air Force 1? These Nike shoes are special with Nike Air.

What do you feel with your shoes in the air? In the next paragraph, we make each of us aware.

Knowledge of the principle will make it easier for you to understand what this technology is on earth.

Air handling technology is a special gas that is heavily embedded in the cushion's hard synthetic rubber. The most important factors lead to successful technology in the air cushion. The amount of special gas installed is larger than the small gap in the synthetic rubber, so that the gas has no chance of leakage. And the air absorbs the external vibration and pressure, then quickly returns to the original look, while preparing for the next punch, moreover, will not wear out as the shoe's life cycle goes.

The invention

Frank Rudy, who first produced the principle – used the inflatable cushion to increase the shock of athletic shoes and a year later Nike air came out and revived in sports shoes. This was the first air technology developed by Nike; the collision protection standard remains after more than 20 years of debut

The benefits

Durable: it will not wear out as the shoe life cycle goes on.

Versatile: famous for its comfortable can be used to change variety of sports shoes.

Stability: Users provide better stability and control while moving

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