adiZero Prime – The fastest soccer player in the world

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Following the wildly popular F50 adiZero adiZero Prime ridiculously gave a new benchmark for lightweight footwear when its older models were mated with a mild 20g. The undisputed highest-grade shoe of the World Championships in the original adiZero is available in two different materials: Leather and synthetic – the synthetic version of the pistols is only 165 g.

The new adiZero Prime will be available only in synthetic, but there are a number of special tweaks that weighs only 145 g / pack. Surprisingly, adiZero was not the lightweight boots last year, while German rivals Puma sold 155 g to v1.10SL; but adiZero Primes seems to be the Adidas legendary Three Strips taking over their new throne.


One of the reasons for weight loss is the new upper. As the adiTwin Light, the newly designed material is exclusive to adiZero Prime and is synthetic for optimum comfort, bullet-proofness and of course weight reduction.

Next is the lower frame of the TPU. We know that Adidas is the true fan of the TPU after being used in the original AdiZeros internal arm, and here we see it here in the dark colored "flange" above the solepiece and under the upper part.

Finally, Adidas uses Lightweight (and Bulletproof) Kevlar Corsets to make it clear that they have not left any kind of footwear.

This handy (which is constantly trying to move in different directions due to forces during the match) stone that ensured that unnecessary weight shaved each of the last milligrams of these sharp, apparent soccer boots.


For most fans of football shoes, the most important statement is the cost. For the $ 260/400, this is the only expensive soccer shoe that Adidas has ever produced.

Many fans still question Mercury's Vapor Superfly II 275 pound price range one year after the release and many fans will see the adiZero Prime £ 260 price as Adidas's move to bring their football boots to the same "prestigious" price category that their American counterparts have created.

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