Adidas Trainers – History

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Herzogenaurach in Hamburg, Hamburg, had a great impact on the history of shoes. In 1948, the godfather of the adidas "christian shoes" set off in the world. Adolf Dassler, the coat of arms in Herzogenaurach, chose the name of his new company. He nicknamed the "Adi" nickname with the first three letters of Dassler's wire and the adidas name was born. He also decided to use "a" in lower case letters to get the names out of their rivals. When she died in 1978 at age 78, she held more than 700 patents for sports shoes and other athletic equipment. It was an honor to be the first non-American actor in the American Sports Equipment Hall of Fame. Adidas also started the sport by becoming the first sporting brand to run non-competitors (Run DMCs).

In 1949, adidas took the three streaks to his trainers to strengthen the shoe, launching a world-renowned trademark. Adi's color was given as an interactive shoe; 1969. Adi Color

It was smooth white and had three bands. The shoes were made from hi and lo versions, and adidas handed a set of pens to color the shoes as they wanted. One of the "City" series of shoes, Dublin was founded in the early 1970's in the leisure category. Urban models have been a remarkable step in performance shoes. The colors were extremely important, and this Dublin model incorporates the same silhouette, flat shoes and tinted overlay tops that share the "European Capital City" series. These were also popular with football fans.

Forest Hills

These tennis shoes appeared at the end of the 1970s. Of the yellow version, only 400 pairs originally entered the United Kingdom and all of them were bought by Wade Smith in Liverpool. This super-light (SL) running / running shoes started off at the 1972 Olympics (this time in the 72's) and was lighter than the SL73


This all-rounder Shoes started in 1968, and flat, soft, suede leather upper. The gazelle showed great follow-up with British football fans and came in a lot of colors, pink a rare example.

During the history of coaches, the market dominates and goes into the market, and in the mid 1970s are the eight best Adidas and the Seven Dwarves. "And even though Adidas can not be the current most important player in the global TRP market, you have to wear the old saying "the form is temporary, the class is permanent"

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