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Adidas plays a new, iconic, high-profile fever in the celebration of the World Cup. Adidas wears Traxion's insole with the following shoes:

For Men: GM 2010 is a black, white side stripe or dark brown with a dark golden stripe or a dark brown color. GM 2010 LUX black everywhere. Kick Tr 2010 Brazil with green, yellow stripes; Tr 2010 Argentina white and light blue; Tr 2010 England, white and red; France with white red and white blue stripes; Germany with black stripes; Italy chocolate with brown red, green and green streaks; Russia with black light gold stripes.

For Women: Gazelle 2010 is a white background, with color stripes. GM2010 black with white side stripe or dark brown dark gold strip; GM 2010 Lux is black in the whole. Kick 2010 Brazil with green yellow stripe. Tr 2010 in South Africa

Adidas has a marvelous new line of running speed

Supernova is made of metal lace and red.

The Rava Microbounce Line consists of Bounce padding with Adi-PRENE + foot, featuring three great stripes of color: dark gray with pink lines, white silver and blue steel lines and silver light gray and violet lines.

The Allegra 3 innovations show 5 spectacular partners for speed: dark gray silver and red lines, dark gray metallic silver and royal lines, white gray and red lines, light gray with white and yellow lines, white with dark gray and light blue lines. Modulates MB with light gray, silver gray and white lines.

Uruha comes in silver, orange and red lilac in three-row design. Macula is sporty, smooth white with light silver and red lines. Ambition PB D-Lux dark gray, red and orange soles. Super New White with Silver and Black, Light Gray and Red

Edge Arriba Track Spike with white and light gray and black lines. Arridun US CF is light gray, black and blue lines. The Attune CC appears in gray and yellow in black. The equipment is 10 black, gray, white and black with dark silver or silver light gray lines.

Four square-shaped Shikoba MB2: white, light gray and blue steel line, white, dark gray and blue line, black, red and blue spots with pink and white lines, gray silver and blue lines

Silver track with black and white stripes, black color red

Adizero Shotput Throwing shoe at zero height with black stripes.

Adizero Boston shoes with red-orange and black base available in two designs: light gray and white, black and red lines, blue and white black, blue lace

Adizero Mana is purely orange and white with white top, black and orange lines

Ariba track shoes with dark gray mandrils with silver strip

Adistar Salvation with red-orange and black base, dark gray, black and red oranges these bars and light gray dark gray and yellow streaks.

They are made with full skin for the widest possible sections and adaptations; synthetic liner durable.

• The fascinating appeal of Adidas footwear innovations is the F50i TUNIT ™ technology that allows players to choose between the TRAXION ™ SG or TRAXION ™ HG taps,

• OR TRAXION ™ FG sole that travels in urban streets or rural settlements.

• Replacement Preformed TUNIT ™ Standard Insock Premium Support and Cushioning

• Special lace cover for optimal fit and extended range for kick

Go to your country and choose your colors with Adidas . Develop yourself in the chaos of the world's most beloved sports and feel the energy of the prize. Check out a wide selection of Adidas at and see the difference a person can support with his team.

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