Adidas Franchise Review

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Adidas was founded by Adolf "Adi" Dassler in 1948. The company is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It is a German sportswear manufacturer and the parent company of the Adidas Group, which is part of Rockport, Reebok Sportswear Company and Golf Company (including Ashworthot).

In addition to sports shoes, the company also manufactures other products such as shirts, glasses, bags, watches and other sports items. After Nike (American company), Adidas is the second largest manufacturer of sportswear. The company is the biggest sportswear in Europe.

The company's shoe design and dress represent three parallel rods, and the same design is incorporated into the current official Adidas logo. The "Three Stripes" was bought in 1951 by the Finnish sporting company Karhu Sports. The first low-cut, lightweight and soft soccer shoes with nylon screwdrivers were designed by the company in 1954. This shoe was designed specifically for the German team of the year's World Championships. Wilma Rudolph suffered from pandemic childhood; In 1960 he wore Adidas short-term spikes and won 3 gold medals at the time of the Olympic Games. In 1972, the company designed a very soft and lightweight soccer shoes for Franz Beckenbauer. This shoe is for the European Championships.

In 1996, the company designed long-term spikes for Haile Gebrselassie (10,000-meter gold medal). In 2000, the company developed revolutionary products based on the energy mgmt concept of 6 sports; cycling, swimming, fencing, track, wrestling and weight lifting. Ian Thorpe (17-year-old national hero) became the 4th World Records of the World Cup and won 3 gold medals, wearing Adidas's full bodied dress.

The company sports athletes sporting lifestyle and sports-inspired brands. The Adidas Group has been part of the sport world for more than 80 years. The company supplied the most up-to-date sports footwear, accessories and clothing. The group's products are available in almost every country in the world. The strength of the company is simple; constantly strengthen their products and brands to improve financial performance and the favorable situation. Adidas is one of the largest manufacturers of comfortable, soft and lightweight sports footwear, clothing and accessories.

Franchise Cost:

  • Unique Unit – $ 109,634
  • Required Space – 1000 to 1500 Square Feet
  • The franchise program is handled by the franchise
  • The franchisor assists the franchise on site selection
  • Advertising / Marketing – promotion and advertising work together
  • Of course, when starting a business, it is important, especially considering today's market, to minimize or reduce overall costs and risk. Every business will have a risk, but it is important to fully understand the amount of investment, start-up costs and "return on investment".

    Most people do not know that 80% of all franchise efforts fail in the first two or five years due to large debts for many years.

    This Adidas franchise review does not match, and in my opinion the highest cost reduction method, start-up and investment cost is to take advantage of the new era of entrepreneurial life and start the business from the comfort of your home. Opportunities have emerged in the online market that create billionaires every single day.

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