Adidas football ball – it's humble beginnings

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ADIDAS came from Adolph's three-letter nickname, Adi and his first three letters, Dassler, the most famous brand, Adidas and leading Adidas soccer ball. In the early 1970s, Adidas's soccer ball started when FIFA football provided the company with an official match-ball.

In the 1970 Mexican match, Adidas was already the Chilean World Cup in 1962. They were so enthusiastic about the match that the company named the first series of "Santiago" World Cup balls. It was the start of a company's success. Most of their football ball started after Santiago.

The following is a list of the company's historic soccer ball series and the years that have been prepared:

1970 (Mexico): TELSTAR – (1965) 1974 (Germany): CHILE-DURLAST – This model followed TELSTAR success in Mexico

1978 (Argentina): TANGO – This model (Tango): TANGO ESPA√ĎA – This is the first Adidas soccer ball with the most advanced waterproofing materials.

1986 (Mexico): AZTECA – This model is a bit more advanced, polyurethane and waterproof.

1990 (Italy): ETRUSCO – Apart from the inside of the polyurethane foam, the coated fabric is coated with latex coating to prevent tear and stability.

1994 (USA): QUESTRA – We do not mean to fly farther.

1998 (France): TRICOLOR – The tri-color French flag is the name.

2002 (KOREA-JAPAN): FEVERNOVA – This ball has a thicker inner layer

2006 (Germany): TEAMGEIST – This latest model named the most successful and accurate football ball by the most successful company.

Surely this is not the last ball this company can produce. As long as this company exists, more and more innovations will continue to come and enjoy future players.

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