Adidas Boxing Gloves Buying Guide – What To Buy?

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In this guide I review Adidas boxing gloves.

Adidas Boxing is quickly becoming one of the most trusted brands in the box. Adidas boxing equipment is usually seen in the Olympics since Adidas is sponsoring the GB team. The ClimaCool technology, which serves for ventilation, is an Adidas trademark in most domains. There are many different gloves on the market as Adidas strategy is part of every level.

Adidas Training Boxing Gloves and Adidas Shadow Boxing Gloves

Made of 100% PU, a specially designed artificial leather known as vinyl. Designed for light training and approx. Available for 30 pounds, I would recommend both gloves for kicking work and boxercise training. The recommended protection is average, so we would recommend the appropriate gloves for the leather work.

Medium Range:

Adidas Performer and Adidas Tactik Pro Boxing Gloves

Both Adidas Box Gloves have leather palms and thumbs provide excellent support and durability in high impact areas. This glove offers a much better hand protection than lower gloves and is more intense workout. Available for approx.

Upper Mid Range:

Adidas Ultima Boxing Gloves

Adidas Boxing Gloves with increased durability and PU wrist strap. They are injected foam and integrate with the gel to enhance hand protection and support. A high-caliber product around 50 pounds. Suitable for sparring, heavy seats in box box and light bag work, but these gloves are not designed for bag work, but the right hand protects easy seats. ] Adidas Adistar Boxing Gloves:

Adidas Adistar gloves are made with a leather hood made of leather palm for maximum durability and durability. There is a lot of extravagant glove around around 65-70 pounds. The next step from the Adistar glove is the AIBA racing gloves used in competitions with amateur licensing, so they are at the top of the Adidas training range. Finally, the Adidas boxing gloves range is well performing at all levels and the prices match the standard. Gloves for beginners and mid-level have an excellent selection that meets the most. However, a serious couple is really of high quality, Adidas is probably not the best solution as gloves do not exist, just like others for very intense workout and sparring, and this is one of the reasons why the Adidas ceiling seems to be amateur classes

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