Adidas Adi Rise basketball shoe review

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One of the things Adidas Adi Rise is is to feel comfortable at your feet as you bring it up. A stylish, central design is what looks at many people. Affordable prices also attract people. This review will result in the style, comfort, weight, durability and shock absorption of running shoes.

Adidas Adi Rise has a medium surface and is available in four different colors, most important in white and black. On the front side there is a hook and loop that provides the foot in place and a sufficient aura. Rear and loop straps are also found on the back, which is a unique feature of a basketball shoe.

Comfort + Fit
This basketball shoe has already noted the padded feeling. This can be felt when you're up and running. The inside is made of extremely lined material that is breathable and allows your feet to cool when you use them. The raw material used is called synthetic leather, which is called one of the softest, most comfortable and durable materials in basketball. The ankle fitting was noticeable and many people found it true to their size. & # 39;

The Adidas Adi Rise weighs 17 ounces, which is just above average basketball basketball. This weight can be attributed to the extra comfort and ankle wearing of basketball shoes. However, they still feel good on their feet and support the ankles that will be exactly when they get these trainers.

Durability is good and they succeed well. This comes from the strong artificial leather that is used in most of the shoes and on the strong rubber base. The foot covers the main area of ​​the shoe and does a good job of protecting the legs.

Shock Absorption
As Adidas Adi Rise has released a classic basketball mood, it does not have stylish air units for basic or complex energy transfer. However, the durable rubber on the base, which is on the cushioned foot, helps to dampen.

Overall Adidas Adi Rise is a basketball shoe that you choose because it supports its cushioning and ankle. It gives you a classic mood and looks great on your feet, whether the loop or loop strap is fixed or not.

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