A short history of Nike shoes

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Nike shoes have different styles and colors. They can wear specialists and daily hikers who like to make fashion. Nike shops can easily be found in your area. The Nike swoosh logo is one of the world's most respected corporate logos.

This special logo was originally designed in 1971 by a student who studied graphic design at Portland State University. She only paid $ 35 for her fabulous design, but some sources say that Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, later embossed a diamond ring, and an unknown quantity of Nike sets. It is interesting that Knight was not very fond of his work the first time that he said, "I do not like it, but it will grow to me."

Today, more than 30,000 people are employed by Nike in the world. Nike is also connected to other sports equipment. The company has recently been conducting some investigation into human rights and poor working conditions. Official statistics show that only in 2008 Nike's net revenue was about $ 1.9 billion. The name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. In fact, like many other famous companies, Nike had a humble condition at the beginning. All of the original founders are used by athletes and have been running for over 50 years.

It's a fact that the duo first sold the Japanese factory's shoes, but in a very short period of time he had been in contact with the Japanese company in 1971. They then began to improve their shoes, which were mainly designed for football to name the Nike. Soon, much more boots were developed. With the development of technology and management, up to 1980, 50% of the shoes sold in the US were issued by the Nike brand. Nike's headquarters are now in Oregon and have more affiliates than Umbro and Converse.

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