Women's Running Tips – Top 40 tips for women over 40 runners

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A competitor older than 40 years showed me new interests (and anxiety) on the road, and more importantly in my career and my career. I like to run and it's good to see research on older runners … the Stanford study, which shows that running slows down aging or the Yale study that shows older runners (especially women) runners.

I want to share some insights and tips I've learned along the way. Many of these female runner tips are applicable to every runner, but they definitely make a new perspective as years continue, older, wiser, and maybe faster … :

1. Add Miles : Slowly! Use the 10% rule. Add up to 10% increase in running gear every week. Here's a more detailed explanation and diagram of FitSugar.

2nd Warming: As we grow older, the body needs time to start and give it time to avoid injuries. See "Perfect Heat" from Runner's World.

3rd Cross-Training : All competitors need it, but while killing cross-training and running, it becomes even more important. For another low-impact cross-training opportunity, check out the latest Aqua Running (Pool Running) post. Central exercises have become more important, here are some of the Runners World.

4th Strength Training : There is a lot of information about lifting weights and strength training, but taking care of this "better" way is important as it becomes older. Running Planet did a good job and picked up the 8 Amplification Training Rules. "There are some good videos on the Resources page 5. Stretching / Yoga: (and many have discussed it), Dara Torres in his Olympic effort proved that he was all astonished and insisted on the rigorous resistance (see previous post with Dara Torres with homemade elongation), a huge fan of yoga, but here is a good article about Runners World who suffered an ITB injury who did not like yoga at the beginning and then became a transformer. 6 This is one of the most important parts of my training and if I do not get enough peace then my body will be broken down to her body

7 Massage: Another Dara Torres cut and one of my favorites. She has a fabulous husband like me or gets a pro, it works to relieve stress of training and tired muscles. you can do it by writing some videos from Rich Poley who wrote "Self Massage for Athletes".

8th Objective: If you're looking for a goal or competition, it's a goal and keep in focus.

ninth Training Programs: A little design is a long way to go. If possible, try to plan the training to run more often on softer surfaces than trails, land roads, grassy parks, or even on the track. Some good programs are on our source page. There are plenty of good people – find the right one.

10th Track : Most marathon training programs include track operation as it helps to develop fast hip muscles speed and lung power during a race … aging does not mean they are less competitive πŸ™‚ If I'm a marathon training, it's really the difference for me, especially in the next few miles of the race. Good article from the Runner's world called "Rose in Circles".

eleventh Injury / Restoration : This is difficult for me, as there were many … on the 46th,. There are a number of common injuries in the race and I think they all have. See "Returning From Damage". I learned to recognize my body's alerts and to go back. Among these tips (see Relaxation, Nutrition, Stretching / Yoga, Massage, Weight / BMI, Orthotics and many more) help to avoid injuries or help in restoration. ] Run with Music: Playing with music can help motivate and take the necessary distraction. I also learned the importance of BPM (pace per minute) and ensuring that if you are listening to a song, make sure it does not slow and unconsciously slow down the tempo. Find the best bands in the '70s,' 80s and '90s and find out more about BPMs in this post: Best Running Music Ever

13. Weight / BMI : Fast marathons appear to have a low body mass index (BMI). The Marathon Guide is a quick tool for calculating BMI. Your knowledge can help you find the "right" BMI for best run performance. See also: What is the "right" BMI for a female marathon? "

14. Running under different weather conditions : I'm not a treadmill running. Snowstorm With the right outfit, this is possible, but if you're on a racing race in the summer, look out for weather differences. it may be different to weather than to workout, if you can not run 17 miles as you think it should be 80 to 90 degrees and high humidity. Travel Running : Always bring running shoes My best tracks are among the memories of parks, cities and sandy beaches (WestinRun mentioning this post), now offering maps (and sometimes runners) to Mapy Run with a route from anywhere. Take a look at some Running and Sex : Here's an interesting article about Running T quoted by an Israeli scholar who stated: "Women tend to compete with orgasms, especially high jumpers and runners" … who am I to argue with Israeli scientists? . Fartlek Training: Sport Fitness Advisor has some good tips on how to incorporate fartlets into your workout (psst … if you do not know what to do, check out 10Ktruth.com "Runnerspeak – Nutrition and Hydration Tips:

18. Diet Type : Carbohydrate, balanced, low-fat whole grain diet is always the best way for me. I like good smoothie (see Post Smoothie Operator), while there is an interesting article here during workout and good advice on eating from Cool Running to "The Runner's Diet" is called

19. : Previously, all water and Gatorade were for me, but now that I get old, I do not want the same amount of calories, but I choose the lower calorie alternatives than the electrolyte blends (see Hydration and recycling options for runners " 19659002] 21. Dresses / Bra: I love my trekking suit sporty – not funky but this is obviously a personal preference … a long way … avoiding cotton at all costs, I learned that running skirts is the most unpolarized clothing. where skirt is, look at the Skirtchaser Race Series … it looks like Running shoes / socks : Running shoes are so personal that only a few can be found in a running shop and try to try them until it is You will not find one comfortable. There are tons of shoe guides for different types of legs that will help you narrow down all down. The most important thing is to learn pronation and what shoes they choose, which corresponds to normal pronation, underpronation (or supination), or overpronation (or hyper-pronation). You'll find the Runner's World great articles and videos here. I changed my shoes once. I chose three instead of marathon training (I was two before, but with my footwear, now three). Here is the Runner's World "Spring 2009 running shoe guide". The Asics Gel Kayano 15 are the "Editor's Choice" winners and shoes. Some more quick tips:

  • Measure your feet: As it grows older, your feet can change gradually. Make sure the seller evaluates your feet while standing up
  • Buy later in the sun: As the sun continues, your feet will be slightly larger.
  • Orthotics and socks: orthhotics, which should be stored when trying shoes. Look for "dry" socks instead of cotton
  • Check for wear: Most shoes provide 300 to 500 miles of running. Keep track of miles (see # 24 – Running Log). Replacing shoes can avoid unnecessary injuries. Check the wear on the foot and the inside of the boot
  • Local running storage: Find a good shop that specializes in running shoes. Get in your old shoe when you're looking for new ones. A good running shoe specialist should be able to look at old shoes and take into account wear / fitting when choosing the right new shoe. Regarding the return policy, many stores will let go of shoes and send them back if they cause problems. Once you have found the right shoes for you, you can find shoes online at places like Runners Warehouse (bold pace readers get 15% discount), Overstock or Holabird Sports.
  • Break in the shoe: Do not wear new shoes for a marathon, be sure it's time to break. However, if you buy new shoes, you will feel good if you try. ] Width of Inch: The width of the thumb between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. I wear a size larger than 1/2 size to make sure I have a seat in the toe box.
  • Medical Advice: If you have a lasting problem with your leg, ask your doctor for advice. Believe me, waiting for a leg to heal can be agonizing. Do not wait any longer for help.

Here's a great video about Howcast, which includes the following tips: "How to Choose Running Shoe"

23. Ortotics : I was outdated and could not live without it. If you have low limbs (plastic fasciitis, healing pathogens, significant over-enlargement or malnutrition, etc.), I would suggest looking at a sports doctor for orthotics as a new donkey πŸ™‚

24. Running Log : Memory is not one of my strongest devices, so keeping track of my log keeps track of my weekly mileage, meals, shoe shopping (so I know when to retire shoes), favorite routes / runs etc. 19659002] 25. Running Watch / GPS : In my heart I'm more a zen-runner (I would not wear a watch or count every mile … just run) but the NYC marathon changed it last year. I went out too fast and it was hard at the end. I'm wearing it again. There are giant watches and GPS devices (see NY Times article) that make it easy to calculate speed / time / distance. Another possibility of the marathon is to use the pacers … here Clif Bar Marathon Pace Team info.

26th Leading Bag: See "What's in the Mittens?" 10 essential elements for running on the road "

27 Scanning: Avoid blisters, use BodyGlide, Vaseline or New Asics Chafe Free. Use anywhere to rub. .. feet, nipples, etc. For more information on Asics, see "The end of the pissing." iPods Competitors must have (even if they need to be children I understand that many contestants do not like to use competitions, but if you like music, this is a great way to relax and continue (iPods are allowed in some tournaments.) See "Music in my ear"). to choose songs that work with your tempo / BPM

29 Reading on the Run: There are so many fabulous books out there while running that is fun to read. and have a few posts on the Amazon Store

Racing Tips:

30. Finding a Tour : The Marathon Guide or Racevine will help you find marathons and other shorter races. These places not only list competitions, but also evaluate them.

31st Charity Competition: Millions of dollars a year are raised by charity leaders. It may be more meaningful if you have someone in mind as you run the mile. Supporting a good cause can also come to an outdated race.

32nd Women's Contests Only : More Magazine Marathon / Half Marathon (Best Expo), Zooma Women's Race Series, Nike Women's Marathon and See Jane Run are just a few of the women's only tournaments out there. They are fun, vibrant and a bit more courteous than the contests.

33. Determine Competition: It is useful to know the purpose of the race, and you can easily navigate to the miles. PaceTat is a durable, lightweight (actually weightless) and unattractive way of tracking your pace during a race. These are simple transfers that you will use before you compete and show your miles of shared goals in pure large font size. It's a brilliant idea and only $ 2.00 – $ 2.99 per transfer. Or go for a simple and free route with Clif Bar.

34th Speed ​​in 40 / Hunting Your PRs: There are a number of articles about how older women grow older and are staying there (see the ABC News article on Yale University Study). As we gain experience, we become more effective runners. We know that we run ticks, properly prepared and read tips as many listed here. We have more time to make the kids older.

35th Boston Qualifier / The Boston Times : Boston is a big, tough competition. Great honor. You should not miss this if you are eligible. Check out some of the Boston marathon reviews. Check out the "Boston Marathon Qualifying Times"

36. The Race Daily Survival Kit: You do not want to last for a surprise at the race day. are ready and concentrate on the competition, provided that you already have your clothes, shoes, watches … etc … there are still some items you need. There are two options to choose from in a "bag" where you need to wait use a "disposable bag" that consists only of the essential elements and is discarded:

Check-in Bag :

  • ____ Extra Dresses: Nice garments, shorts and socks that change after the competition.
  • ____ Sunglasses and sunscreen: sunny day, you're glad they're like this.
  • ____ Towel: There may be a shower at the end of the competition, but even if not, it's nice to wipe it off. ] Phone: Contacting the Athletes
  • ____ Money: For Urgent Needs
  • ____
  • ____ After-Competition Foods and Liquids
    [196459055] ____ Race number (if it exists) and safety pins: Get some extra and make lots of friends πŸ™‚
  • ____ Race Chip ] ____ Course Map / Tournament Instructions
  • ____ Tape Accessories / Athletic Tape / First Aid
  • ____ BodyGlide / Vaseline / Chafe Free
  • ____ Deodorant
  • ____ Large trash cans: Useful with the ugly honeycomb
  • Magazine: Make a close up to Vanity Fair, waiting for the race to start πŸ™‚
  • ____ Extra Goo Packages: with you during the race.

Disposable Bag:

  • ____ Pre-race food and liquids
  • ____ Wipes: Useful for malicious barrels
  • ____ ing. (19459007) (if there is one) and safety taps: Get some extra and make a lot of friends πŸ™‚ [19659055] Magazine: It would be nice to catch up with Vanity Fair 19659056 ____ Large garbage bags: It is useful if you are wedged to fall in front of the wedding or just sit.
  • ____ Extra Goo Packages: During the Competition

Running Psychic Tips:

37. Time for yourself: Running = cleanliness. You alone or with your friends have fantastic therapeutic results for the whole day. I find that early in the morning is the best, since I know I'm getting into the entrance and "lifetime" will not start in the day.

38th The Running Team : One is my LDF and I'm always joking about how we're going to write a book about the tune of our running group. Finding your friends to share running is a wonderful thing and helps them stay motivated and enjoy the company together with running.

39th Running Websites / Blogs: There are so many webs on the web to get acquainted with counseling, training, support … check out our blogroll. It's a great time to be a runner. If you do not receive automatic email updates daring pace do not miss it! Or, if you like, get an RSS feed.

40th You have to go beyond your limitations : I must add to this, because that is why my son always asks why I'm running … "my mind". It's very logical and always answers … "the limit values ​​are final – you can not go over it … … I'm still trying to prove that it is bad.

Fresh air or one of them is hardly LDFs but the run has come to some in-depth realization. My LDF Heidi and I have decided that what our kids need to know about life that may be related to running. "chose a run.

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