Why youth football players have disappeared and how to avoid them

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With my wife and family led me Sunday Sunday to chat with me with some of the youth football coaches on the phone this week. In many ways, it is much smarter than me, and I look at things that I rarely think. It was shockingly recognized that youth footballers did not have any traction if the system they taught was basically loud, correct at the right age or correctly taught. In most cases, coaches consider the coach to be considered as an expert. In the minds of young football players, failing the system and the technique, it is because it is not a very good footballer and it will never be. But the truth is when it fails, often because the system does not make sense of the age, practical time, coach skills, and skill levels of the player and team. How do they know?

It's like a zone blocking system where a young player has to read the defensive front, make line calls, a double team blocks the first level, comes out of the block at the exact time and prevents a moving linebacker it is impossible to make 95% of the youth in a liner. The youth footballer has no idea or viewpoint that the coach asks him to do, impossible in his age, experience and athletics. He most often thinks he is not good enough, he will never be good enough, he will not have much success in football and quit. He will be 70% of all youth players who NEVER qualify for High School football based on a Michigan State study. Most kids will determine whether they feel they are able to play the game in the first season. If they feel they can not compete, most often they mean something else, there are many opportunities in today's world.

It is likely that if a player plays a youth football team using a zone blocking system, his team will lose most of his games. My research has shown that teams that are consistently lost are considerably higher in drops than competitive teams. Add the two and there is a recipe for many kids not playing "to the next level", the recommended goal for many guys is to use this type of scheme.

Help young football players play the game with the game. Choose programs that will allow players to succeed even if they are not great athletes. Hey, choose programs that do not require great athletes, so the teams can be successful and still succeed. Blocking and spreading the zone is some of the major guilty to kids to quit in youth football. If a player does not have a certain success and a team's success, he most likely will not play long. If this team, as a youth football coach, did not succeed in performing one of your most important work, keeping the kids and getting them to fall in love with the football game.

Put the kids in the schemes that anyone can do, including large angular slopes, jewel blocks, double teams, and a simple and easy to teach blocking rule. Do not use complex blocking rules that require children to recognize front panels, initiate line-by-call calls, and block players who do not have the chance to block. If you do so, you can only do the kids and you can do it and lead to unnecessary traffic from your team. You will not be able to fulfill my main task.

Everything we suggest in books and DVDs is timely tested and successful with various youth football teams. Some teams were players, many were very few, some team coaches, and many were rookie coaches. This is one of the main reasons I've been to 5 different teams so far in the past 6 seasons in different leagues with 4 different coaching staff. It did not matter, he worked with them.

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