What makes the Adidas F50.8 Tunit so Special?

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The Adidas F50.8 Tunit [affiliate] was the center of humor of the football world. He won two awards this year, most of the innovative shoes and the Best Achievement. But what is it that separates this shoe from the others? As the owner of this splitter, you have found a number of different advantages and disadvantages with the Tunis Associations. Let's start with the good.
Adidas Tunit F50.8

Adidas Tunit F50.8

* First, this hoop looks wonderful. I always get notes about my shoes (white / metal / gold) for both fans and the other team. I heard that, "Wow, look at these claws, and I bet he's a good player." The shoes look like brilliant and boast of them. It has a new function that also pays attention. The translucent corner. Good reason to buy your shoes.

* Replacement pins, chassis, socks and top. You have the ability to change it as much as you want. I reached a desert box and had a soft ground cover and my leg violated the entire game. Now with Tunit you can change your shoes to meet the conditions.

* It's very light. 7.4 oz to lift your feet from the ground easier. Usually, you do not pull off your leg after an exhaustive 90 minutes and create a featherweight shoe that you hardly notice while running.

* Many famous experts carry the Tunits (Lionel Messi, David Villa)

Now the bad one.

* I got blisters in two different places on both legs. (Behind my ankle and on the left side of the heel) They might not have dropped pretty early, but made them worse after two weeks of wearing it.

* Only available with 1 pair of chassis and sock holder. To purchase competing versions, extra $ 50.00 is required.

* They do not come with cord or ball bag, as opposed to Predators [affiliate] and T90 Lasers [affiliate].

* Another top purchase will cost $ 80.00 when you can buy about the same price for Nike Mercurial Talaria [affiliate].

Overall, this is a good shoe for people who want tricks and use stylish shoes. Purchase of the F50 Start Kit [affiliate] costs $ 169.00, lower price than other columns. I can say that the most appreciated is this shoe.

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