What golf club reviews are they?

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Golf club assessment can mean different things for different manufacturers and their appraising companies, such as golf magazines. The assessment is based on the quality of the club and the ability to get the golf ball from the tee to the hole. An overview of qualifications can be a useful tool to determine which golf club can be the best for you.


In the fourth century, Nike produced only footwear and sportswear. Of course, the manufacture of golf equipment has progressed, and this happened at the end of the 90's.

In particular, Nike's leaders got some top quality and the company's leading reputation in the industry. Among the best include the Nike 350cc forged driver, the Nike 450 cc driver and the CPR forest. Of these, the highest ranked golf club sold by Nike is the Sasquatch Sumo 460. This club received a comprehensive rating of 5 points out of 59 and won the 2006 Golf Digest Editor's Choice Award for the contestants. Sasquatch made comments like "a seven-month update … still in love with this club" and "I can not count the number of times that regular game partners demanded this driver." They also stated that they would be able to control the long game of a golfer. Another critic asserted that Sasquatch had given "a huge distance, literally incredible forgiveness, yet it is functional whenever he wants." Recommended shopping for anyone who wanted a weighted driver.


Titleist has long and respected reputation as a golf equipment manufacturer. In terms of ratings, Titleist clubs are not as respected as Nike. Their highest rated drivers are the 905T.

Internet Review

Please note that online reviews of golf clubs may be misleading. Some companies actually pay freelance writers to publish a favorable opinion without having tried the club. Determine if the reviewer has another online publication or just one. If you find only one feedback, it is likely that this is a fake one.

Golf club reviews can be very useful, but keep in mind that there are more factors than just being taken into account before you buy a golf club.

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