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Mirroring is a natural process that we use every day in interacting with others. However, when its mechanism is dissected and understood, it can become a powerful mind control tool

. Mirroring will be a process as far as possible by the influencing person. You can do this by imitating both physical (eg body language) and non-physical (such as values, thoughts, ideas, reality-sensing). Mirroring has an influence, because in order to influence someone, you must first contact them and mirroring is one of the most effective tools for building relationships.

According to Rapport, the Merriam-Webster online dictionary means harmony, compliance, consensus, or affinity. So, essentially, deliberately, or similar to other people, you "artificially" articulate a condition of a relationship that spontaneously occurs in everyday life among people who like each other. First, we need to get in touch with someone to influence them because people are not motivated by emotions or thoughts; so they have to do something, mix their emotions, have to match their hearts, not their heads. Do not try to change people's minds; they change the mood and their minds will follow.

An example of a natural, commonly occurring mirror is the following: normal people who are in normal conversation, even if they are mere acquaintances and low ratios, are more like expressions of the same face. This happens automatically and does not reach the level of consciousness. This is one reason why people with autism who do not know or perceive social signals as neurotic ("normal") people are such a challenge for social interaction. In fact, it was assumed that there are neurons in our special brain that are responsible for the feelings and feelings of other people, For reproduction (ie, reflection) and are thought to be part of the neurological bases of phenomena such as empathy, morality, etc. All these examples are mentioned as proof that we naturally mirror each other at different levels.

The Immaculate Reflection? Like any form of mind control, mirroring is neither moral nor immoral as it is simply a tool to the end. If the end has a positive effect on other people by mirroring, then it is not immoral. The reverse is of course true.

How can you reflect the reality of man? Usually two; both in terms of both external and internal reality.

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