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The selection of top 10 football goals is tough, but check out the list below of the 10 great soccer World Cup goals.

first Carlos Alberto (Brazil)

Brazil vs Italy (4-1) 1970

This goal was the end of the World Cup winners' campaign in Brazil, as they swept from one end of the park to the other. And the goal was scored in the World Cup finals!

2nd Saeed Owairan (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia vs Belgium (1-0) in 1994

The Arabs are known as Maradona, I remember watching a wonderful run on their own and thinking about coping, but somehow to beat about 5 players and score!

3rd Diego Maradona (Argentina)

Argentina vs England (2-1) in 1986

Many football fans argued that this is the greatest goal since Maradona ran more than 50 yards and thrown more English defenders and the goalkeeper was looking for the slot home. Maradona also gained the notorious "God's Hand" goal in this game.

4th Pelé (Brazil)

Brazil vs Italy (4-1) in 1970

Pele fired a shot and it was the 100th Brazilian goal of the world champion. Wonderful jump to win the headline, well illustrated how great Pele was.

5th Roberto Baggio (Italy)

Italy vs Czechoslovakia (2-0) In 1990

Baggio was classic and in a mazy race he beat more players to cool home a great individual goal. Everything was forgiven for the pony!

6th Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands)

Netherlands vs Argentina (2-1) In 1998

Bergkamp has always been a great player and showed great control to run and defend a ball before going home.

7th Diego Maradona (Argentina)

Argentina vs Belgium (2-0) in 1986

No doubt Maradona won the World Cup in 1986 with brilliant appearances. Maradona put the ball past the goalkeeper Pfaff.

8th Archie Gemmill (Scotland)

Scotland vs The Netherlands (3-1) In 1978

This goal was placed in the 1978 World Cup finals. Gemmill defeated three Dutch defenders, including a shaky nutmeg before replacing his left foot with the goalkeeper. Osztálycél!

ninth David Narey (Scotland)

Brazil vs Italy (4-1) in 1982

OK to say I support Scotland but I always remember this excellent goal that brought Scotland 1-0, unfortunately Brazil the gear has switched on style to win 4-1!

10th Manuel Negrete (Mexico)

Mexico vs Bulgaria (1-0) in 1986

This is truly a wonderful goal. An acrobatic and well-executed scissor kicks out of the kick. Many young people would try to copy this goal over the years!

Undoubtedly, after some of the 2006 World Championships, we will achieve further football goals in Germany.

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