The story of Puma

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People who learn the history of sports shoes know "Puma" and "Adidas", these two brands are made up of German Dassler brothers. In the twentieth century, when the conditions of "sports shoes" had not yet come to light, the Dassler brothers studied shoes for sport, and in 1936 the Berlin Olympics first introduced sports shoes designed for the whole world, sports shoes play an important role. But business success accelerated the debate between the two brothers. In my opinion, the towing brothers were different. In 1948, two brothers decided to break up, his brother Rudolf called his shoes "Puma" on behalf of Puma. He combined Adolf's brother with his name, creating "Adidas". All "Puma" and "Adidas" have developed their own features, each with a glorious history.

In the late 1980s, however, in the United States, "Nike" forced the loss of two European brands. In 1989, Adidas sold the share to the French consortium. And Zeitz Joechen kept the "Puma". Zeitz's greatest contribution to "shoes" was to find a new way of "fashion". Today Puma has begun selling the online store, buyers can buy Puma shoes . While other sports shoes have been introduced to sport brands and continue to build more professional sports shoes, "Puma" has introduced new fashion design and residential footwear, today, "Puma" has become the fastest growing sport brand, primarily for recreational and sporting events. And he launched a series of Puma shoes, such as the Puma Speed ​​Cat. Sportswear believes in free style; and leisure time series is a combination of wisdom between the world's great fashion and the fashion idea of ​​the Puma sports series. Fashionable women and men on the "Puma" products are rushing. Puma continues to create glorious history.

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