The Samsung F110 Micoach slider phone

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The Samsung F110 Micoach slippery phone has a 101.5mm x 45mm x 14.5mm appeal. In this dimension there is a 2-inch screen and a keyboard embedded in the top disc. The handset is Bluetooth compatible and can be used with other connection options.

The Samsung F110 looks great. There are control buttons and a screen on the top slider of the device. Mobile is targeted at customers who are fitness-conscious. It comes with a belt that measures the heartbeat next to the chest. A stepping sensor can also be used, which can be used for pedal cracking on the shoe corset. The best use of a mobile phone is to allow users to store information that can later be transferred to the Micoach fitness website.

The handset features a built-in 2 MP camera that allows users to produce sharp-resolution images. This way, it is possible for the owners of the device to use this camera when the demand arises. As far as entertainment is concerned, the device has an FM radio and an MP3 player that provides users with music and songs. The module's music player can play files in almost all popular formats. You can share these files with others using Bluetooth technology. FM radio is famous for its day-to-day entertainment. 1 GB of RAM is enough to store high-definition music files and ringtones.

Samsung Tocco Lite has a GSM function; so it is possible for the user to carry the mobile phone wherever they are and still stay connected. This development makes it easier to access services in this gadget because you can download files from anywhere in the world. Connectivity increases with alternative options – e.g. Including GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth v2.0 and USB. So now it's possible to transfer files to other devices, both wirelessly and using a cable.

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