The Nike Dunk – Overview

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One of Nike's most popular shoes called Nike Dunk, these shoes were introduced in the market in 1985, available in many colors and styles, high or low, and mostly for college and university basketball players.

Over time, Nike Dunk went on an evolutionary stage and became more than a basketball shoe, a subcultural icon now used for a fashion show. Despite the fact that Nike dunk has become more and more cultural and fashion accessories, the design of this shoe clearly shows that it is intended for use in high-intensity basketball games, the shoe's soul is much wider and closer to the ground. the modifications reduce the weight of the shoes and effectively improve the performance of basketball players. The enclosure has also been revised in order to be more effective during blockage and rotation.

Nike Dunk was basically used to promote and launch Nike's College Color Program, where the company supported a number of average basketball teams and handed over this new shoe line that was modified to match the basketball team uniform.

Some colleges and universities that participated in this basketball-shoe revolution: Maryland University, Nevada University, Iowa University, St. John's University, Michigan University and many more. The production of Nike dunk was lasted until 1998 when it was restarted, and the 1998 and 2000 models contain nylon tongue and arch supports that isolate these versions from today's models.

Unlike Air Jordan, the mass production of Dunks in order to satisfy and adapt to growing demand, Sundays, special expenses by Nike Dunks often bring very high prices to the online market if you are an online customer who has auction websites he noticed that some of the shoes could give the title "What the dunks" for up to $ 1,800, which is the highest price on an auction page, which refers to sports, in this case Nike Dunks.

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