The history of football shoes

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Like everything in this world, football shoes have undergone tremendous change over time. According to records, such boots were first VIII26. King introduced VIII. Cornelius Johnson, the king's personal shoes, made a pair of boots and paid 4 shillings. The royal boots are made of strong and high quality leather. The ankle high boots were heavier than the usual shoes at that time. Let's take a look at the development of football shoes over time


We are now 300 years ahead to find out how the boots looked in the 18th century. The game has gained tremendous popularity in the UK. However, the game did not come up for serious occupation and was considered to be something for relaxation. Players wore leather and hard boots. These boots were long laces and steel toes. For those who have metal peaks, such a design promotes soil stability and grip.

At the end of the 18th century, following the introduction of rules and regulations, sneakers-style shoes were introduced for players. The pins were allowed, but they were wheels. The leather cases were also called craps and they were previously caught in boots. These boots weighed 500 g. The boots were on the ankle to increase the protection of the footballers.

Evolution Between 1940s and 60s

Now we are trying to understand the revolution in the design of football shoes in the era. His planning after World War II was remarkable for cheap air travel and international matches. South American players began using flexible boots that have become increasingly popular. Soccer manufacturing companies paid attention to the production of lighter boots, as they helped the players to control and kick the ball.

Changes in the 1970s

Technological developments in the 1960s have undergone significant changes in the design of the boot, resulting in a lower cut in football history. This design helped the players take the high speed. Pele Football King started his famous Puma boots in 1962. However, Adidas became the leader in the football accessories industry. Most of the players wore Adidas football shoes during the FIFA World Cup in 1966.

Changes in the 1990s

Adidas introduced revolutionary design during this period with the introduction of Predator. and style. Design was immediate and successful worldwide. The polymer extrusion technology provided greater flexibility to the sole while the blade structure covering the entire single exchanged conventional pin. These changes provided greater stability in the boots

Advanced Look in the 2000s

With the continuous development of technology, the football shoes started off the shelves of more advanced designs. The three big brands, Nike, Puma and Adidas, have led to fierce competitions. Modern boots have been designed to provide footballers with enhanced protection while helping them feel at ease during the games.

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