Super Nike Air Force 1

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The Nike Air Force's 1 shoe does a noisy business. A name has been created for the past 27 years. Because of their style, design and gradual gradational changes, these shoes are still attractive and comfortable. Nike has done a wonderful job and every time new developments come from new brands. The brand is synonymous with comfort and style.

Air Force 1 was born in 1982. This was the first shoe introduced by Nike, which had a cutting edge Air technology. There are three different models that are rich in texture and appearance. Both low and middle varieties are available in most stores. It's hard to make the best choice. There is a special Velcro strap with middle top and high top shoes. The middle shoe has a strap that is completely tied to the shoe. There is an option for detachable straps when the high top version.

The Air Force 1 brand features a separate strap for every shoe. This medal or pendant has the following words: & # 39; cut and cut through the lace if you do not want to see it. These shoes have a variety of colors, colors and colors. The color of these shoes is lighter and more intense. The most common colors in Air Force 1 are Solid Black and Solid White.

These Air Force 1 shoes were extremely popular and demanding when hip-hop artists celebrated their success. These artists selected Air Force 1 shoes during their performance and outing. These shoes became part of American culture, and the Americans did their best. They respected the brand because the brand respected its feelings and feelings.

The brand has about 1700 color variations and some colors like black, neon yellow, red and blue are very popular among young people. Nike Air's technology was designed by Bruce Kilgore. The technology used a gas-filled plastic that was simply inserted on the base and provided additional relief, comfort, teasing and cushioning.

$ 1 billion is bought by the brand alone and is a major revenue for the parent company. Nike's share of competition with other known brands, such as Reebok and Adidas, has been successfully competing with these world-renowned brands and has itself become a global player.

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