Steps to dry wet stripes quickly

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The cord may be damp as other types of shoes. And playing on wet hoods is not a good idea. Plus, it will not be nice to play in wet shoes. Apart from the fact that moisture can cause serious damage to the shoe, which is irreparable over time. Fortunately, with a little care and a few household utensils you can dry the wet grid. Here are some steps you can follow to dry your shoes.

Loosen the Corsets

First, loosen the corsets to enter the inside of the shoe. In addition, the tools bind to dry. This places great emphasis on the seams. Cushion loosening can reduce stress.

Remove the sole

After removing the sole, insert it into a dry cloth. In fact, getting rid of the different parts of the trunk into the air will be faster. The paper towel can be placed around the insole or placed in an open window to dry out.

Use a wet towel

Use a damp towel to remove dirt, mud or grass. Be sure to remove the sludge before the sludge is dry. As sludge and dirt become solid, it will be harder to remove. You also soak the towel in a small amount of water to wipe the soft sludge.

Drying at Wires

Using ribbon paper, you can quickly recharge your newspapers. Make sure there are not enough newspapers, because you may have a shoe swelling. All you have to do is put newspapers in the cords to prevent shrinkage. You can place a new card on the lace and the tongue.

Put your shoes in front of a fan

Wet boots will be faster when placed in front of a fan. In fact, it speeds up the drying process. On the other hand, if you put your shoes in a damp or wet place, it's not a good idea. In fact, you need dry air to dry your boots.

Using New Newspapers

You can use a new wingside every 2-3 hours to increase the drying process. As the newspaper becomes wet, it will not be able to absorb more water. Therefore, the exchange of newspapers over and over will dries faster.

Avoid direct heat

The straps are permanently damaged when exposed to direct heat. In other words, do not use a tumble dryer, hair dryer or oven to dry your feet. Doing so will cause irreversible damage. Finally, it's not a good idea to dry your boots impatiently, because it causes shoes or damaged skin.

So, if you have a wet party and want to dry, make sure the folders and don & # 39; I hope this helps.

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