So you know where you want an expat? How about these cities?

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The new cost of living has shown that overseas workers still have great opportunities. The quarterly April report concluded that spending had increased significantly in many of the most popular expat employees.

Luanda was the most expensive city in Angola, where she lives abroad and then Caracas, Venezuela # 2; Oslo, Norway # 3; Singapore # 4; Hong Kong, China # 5; Zurich # 6 and Geneva, Switzerland # 7; Monaco # 8; Tokyo, Japan # 9 and Sydney, Australia # 10.

Caracas continues to be in a state of protest with new demonstrations daily, many expats have left the country and moved to a stable oil field in Canada. Caracas continues to experience unrestrained inflation, deficits and rigorous government controls in foreign currency, which further increases rankings. This city has become one of the major fates of expansions, but this is undermined by strict government regulations that limit the hiring and compensation of foreign workers and the rising cost of living.

Oslo, on the other hand, enjoys low inflation, low unemployment and the highest per capita GDP in the world, but remains one of the most expensive cities where foreigners can stay.

So, if these expensive cities live as an expedition, which cities should you go through?

First, how would Dalian say in China? While Shanghai and Beijing are still two of the most expensive cities, the former comes between 17th and 28th, while the less well-known Dalian city is ranked 227th. China Daily News In 2006, Dalian is considered to be the most liveable city for foreigners, such as Dell and Intel, who have manufacturing and administrative offices here. Approximately half of the luxury 3-bedroom suburban apartment in Shanghai is $ 1,271 a month, compared to $ 2,371 in the latter city.

The second interesting city in Europe is Budapest, while cities like Stockholm, Paris and Oslo are expensive; this city is ranked 536th in the COL rankings. This is not only a beautiful city, but also a historical one. A half liter of local beer will return about 89 US cents, while in Geneva it will cost $ 2.54 nearly three times. The four-star hotel in Budapest will cost USD 204 per night on average, while in Geneva it will be about $ 540.

Third, Cape Town is in 550th place in southern Africa. It is the home of SA Parliament and the manufacturing and business center of the south of the country. There are a number of large international companies where manufacturing and operation centers are here, including Johnson & Johnson, Levis Strauss and Adidas. Big Mac costs $ 4.18, while in Sydney, Australia it costs $ 8.46; and while private education in the SA is up to USD 8,320 per year, Sydney will return USD 20,000.

The last city in the list, which may be attractive, is Calgary's 87th grade, and although it is not a cheap city, if you think the world's three most expensive cities (Luanda, Caracas and Oslo) are oil and gas centers, Calgary seems like an attractive solution. This natural gas and oil center is booming and an attractive city for foreigners, with its fast growing economy and corporate headquarters for almost all companies involved in Alberta tar-sand development. The Canadian News Agency, Globe and Mail, reported that workers move from the confusing Caracas oil fields to Calgary, where the country is more politically stable.

Here, a mid-term dinner will cost you an average of $ 58 for two, while in Luanda it costs almost $ 85. The Calgary car rental will be 25% less than a driver in Luanda and a heavy-duty 4-wheel drive SUV due to the lack of paved roads.

Many countries are actively supporting the target of foreign workers in key positions, especially when they have noticed that there is a lack of skills.

Considering the expat position? Then consider these interesting countries that have a lower cost of living and a higher standard of living. Before you take any positions, always make sure that your new salary covers the cost of your existing standard of living and makes the right decision.

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