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Choosing the right running shoes is the most important task before going on a running trip. When I started running, after the first few weeks of inevitable stitches I began to feel boring pain at the beginning of the lower leg. My personal trainer told me that silkworm and advised me to see a physiotherapist who told me that in my shoes I needed an orthotic because I had a flat leg. He explained that since I'm flat I'm probably too inclined, so my leg turns to the center of the body when I run. So I have to buy running shoes that will help stability, which means I have to look for words like "strength checking" or "action control" in shoes. They also told me that some brands, such as Brooks or Asics, did better than others. Personally, in the last few years I've been wearing Brooks shoes and never saw saffron.

As for people with high arched legs, they probably lie underneath or slope because their feet tend to roll out of the body as they run. They need to look for shoes that are causing great shocks, which means they need to look at keywords like cushioned or flexible words.

For the lucky people with the neutral legs of the least vulnerable, almost all running shoes

In each case, it is necessary to examine the shoes to see if they are comfortable and not too tight or too loose. Another thing to keep in mind is to change your shoes when you notice uneven wear on the shoe base, usually after 1-2 years, depending on how common you are. The second most important thing to do is to: enjoy a fun running experience. She does not want all wet and sticky clothes when she is running. Personally, I always look for Nike Dri-Fit clothes, because they are comfortable wearing and fit very well. If you are a tennis fan, then you will know that Serena Williams likes Nike's clothes as well. They are also durable since I've been wearing this Nike singlet over the past 5 years and expect that it can take a few more years. You can also search for names like Coolmax and Dri-Weave. All of them mean that the substance is able to remove sweat from the skin to the outside of the fabric.


The next task is to choose the right socks. You do not want your foot to blink after a few kicks. I was wearing Thorlos socks and, in my opinion, provided the best insulation and cushioning. Though they are expensive, they can last for years. You can also search for names like Coolmax, Dri-Weave or Dri-Fit. Finally, but not least, sunglasses and sunglasses,. I also find that the Nike Dri-Fit cap is very comfortable to wear because I do not feel the sweat sticking to my head. Sporty sunglasses help avoid sunlight and prevent sweat from getting in your eyes. Sunscreen is also essential if you do not want a carnivore to appear on your face after a run.

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