"Select" youth football destroys America?

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The "Select" youth football team is a somewhat controversial topic. If done correctly, maybe not that bad idea.

"Select" youth football teams, just say players are "picking" in the team. If you select some players, it would mean that others are "back" where there is a lot of rubbing.

Many selected youth football teams are assembled by coaches who actively hire the "star" team. Others are assembled so that coaches try out a small group of players to see which players have what to play in the team. Most "selective" teams have a week of practice and appraisal practices, and at the end of the week, coaches decide which players make the team and which do not. Needless to say, this week it is very nervous between football players and parents.

Many of these teams travel to the state tournaments, and last from $ 150 to more than $ 1,200. They play in other football teams from other "national teams". The competitiveness of these football leagues and the fact that only the best athletes are usually in them means that in most cases less attention is paid to giving fair play to all players.

Advantages of the "Select" Teams
1) Compete more athletic players with other athletic players. This is the highest level of improvement.
2) Less deviation from athletes against weak or novice players.
3) Generally, but not always, better workout.
4) Players are grouped with groups of similar commitment levels that are less likely to conflict with the players.
5) Less athletic players return to the "pool" to play with players who are closer to their own ability.
6) It often allows first-year or smaller players to play against other first-year or smaller players.

1) It can be very competitive.
2) You can unlock players by playing 5 nights a week and playing 14 games.
3) Cutting players is difficult and they can turn away from football forever.
4) Players' evaluation is not accurate, errors can usually be made.
5) Rarely guaranteed play time for those who are at the bottom of the "Athletics" index at the selected team.
6) In most cases, high costs or required resource upgrading is required.
7) Envy and jealousy of players and parents who have not been selected for the "select" team.

My Omaha program has a process that seems to eliminate many negatives. We have a selected team that plays in other selected teams. All other players that are not selected will be placed in teams that are in a tournament selected from players who have not been selected for their chosen team. From one age group we are all together for a week. The team coach then selects the team they feel is appropriate for athletes, maturity, size and aggressiveness.
We have not selected our country program, we are preparing a team who subscribes to the given age group on the airplanes we have delivered.

Here are some things we've done to reduce the problems of the selected teams:
1) All our team's teams wear the same game and practical equipment, including the game players. The team you choose has no advantage.
2) Teams are designated in the area designated by the park, not "A" or "B". Screaming Eagles-Spinglake, screaming at Eagles-Smith Park and so on.
3) We accept anyone who subscribes or wants to play non-selective recruitment.
4) Each player is assigned to one team and none of them is "cut out".
5) Each player understands that the teams are as important as the other, and the players are the team that gives the best opportunity to play.
6) Selected teams are limited to a maximum of 24 players in order for everyone to play.
7) Instead of announcing which players made the national team, the coaches were placed in five different teams from the 5 teams. Let the children know that in alphabetical order we call their name on the team they are placed on. Any definition of which player in the team is the last night does not have wrench decisions on the pitch. If a player is not selected for the selected team, he is located in the team closest to where he lives. As the player's name is called, the player goes through the team they are assigned to and the coaches and the players applaud, give a bigger, etc. And they do a great deal to get the player to their own team. The selection process is a situation where everyone is smiling and excited. Football coaches are actually combed into the kids' heads, excited by each player on their team, and they talk about the unique identity of the team.
8) Rewarding the Tour of the City's Weekly Educational Performance is based on the weekly scientific accountability report. Often, our best teams do not travel because they lack the scientific performance of our other teams.

Select a youth footballer to have no negative connotations if properly handled. Try to eliminate the tension and confusion of non-selected players.

I remember long ago about the selection process for the youth baseball team. The "coach" has read the players' names. My stomach was tricked when he fell down to 11 and my name was not called. I was wondering how embarrassing it would be if it was not the team, what would my friends in the team or my parents say? Players who did not make the team told him to go home while the others were still listening to instructions from the coach. In the eyes and tears of the actors I will never forget and I will do everything I NEVER allow myself to be in my body. It's okay to do it and we all know that many of these "B" kids are advancing to make A team next year. Do not be a team that loses the players because they do not handle this task.

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