Saving money does not mean giving up quality

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America's mindset today is "the bigger the better". "The more you pay, the more it's worth." "Get it now and pay later." These ideas are simply not smart. Our government is an excellent example of the record level of our national debt, which no one can pay.

Fruitful living does not mean choosing poverty, and it certainly does not mean giving up quality. Millions of millionaires are not because they have become famous or because they have inherited money. Self-made millionaires who have worked hard, made sacrifices and spent their money wisely. I am not saying that all of us who work hard make sacrifices and spend money wisely to become millionaires, but we certainly have a much more comfortable and caring life because of the stress of having to pay someone else.

Here are some steps you can take to provide this payment:

1. Pay cash. If you cannot pay cash, you will not buy it. Don't stop your credit card. Credit cards are a trap. Your credit card should only be used if you pay it off in full monthly. Otherwise cut it! If you put something on a credit card and then pay it out over time, the original cost of the product will double, sometimes triple. You'd better save a few months, pay cash, and then charge and try to pay off your credit card. Interest takes away.

2nd Eat at home. Pack your lunch and take it to work. Everyday lunch costs $ 10-15. If you pack your lunch, you will have approx. Reduces this price to $ 2 – $ 3 or less if you leave it at home. This results in a monthly savings of $ 160-240. Not to mention cutting your meal at dinner and eating at home as a family. This represents additional savings of $ 200 per month.

3rd Make a budget. Budget your income at the beginning of every month. Allocate a certain portion of your income to your main expenses prematurely. This will help you not to waste money. (Key Costs: Rent / Mortgage, Utilities, Food, Car Payment, Gas, Insurance, Savings, Other) This will help you know where you are going and how much is left after you are finally paid, so you won't overspend.

4th Buy used or discounted new. You can get just about anything you need – used or discounted. You just need to know where to look. You do not pay the full price for anything. The big item, Ross clothes for less, Nike Outlet, Dump and more. Just examples of stores where you can get discounted new items. These stores also offer sales and coupons for discounted new products. Garage sales, furniture rental centers, thrift stores and nowadays the Internet are wonderful resources. EBay is a great tool for creating new and used articles. You will be amazed at what you will find and how cheap you will start looking. No one will know the difference. You will be addicted!

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