Review of Nike skateboarding history

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With the launch of the Nike skate shoe portfolio, Nike has opened up a new area of ​​skateboarding. Nike now embraces all the necessary items such as clothing, footwear and skateboarding, and has managed to create a unique identity for them in this previously untapped market.

Traditionally, shoe companies have always tried to gain valuable market share in competing basketball sports and have left small businesses free to experience their presence on the skate market and have been able to keep their market share fairly well. They have helped Nike basketball shoes never be ideal for skating, though comfort and robust ankle protection were a powerful motivating factor for anyone to try them for skating.

At the beginning of the 1990s, however, his skateboarding appearance proved to be a trademark of DC Shoes, with shoes that had better material, tire grips, attractive plastic goggles and excellent footwear. This, in turn, gave a great demand for shoes that were elegant and people quickly dropped out of the traditional round bicycle shoes. At this stage, Nike has issued a number of shoes that basically meant re-introducing older styles, but they found they could not take much time.

In 2002, Nike released Nike SB Dunk Lows with decorations such as padded languages ​​and the unique "Zoom Air" technology within the soles. Although it did not find much interest in the market, Nike has even released more Nike Skateboarding Angus, Nike SB FC, Nike Skateboarding Delta Force and Nike SB URL. Unfortunately, they did not affect the market either.

However, in 2004, after signing Paul Rodriquez and releasing Nike Skateboarding P-Rod, the skateboarding market noticed, and soon the Nike Blazer SB with padded collars and the same "Zoom Air" function on the soles. It has become a masterstroke, and Nike has gained additional expense in the skateboard industry, such as Nike Skateboarding Tre and P-Rod II. This led them to release the rest of the Nike SB Dunks in limited quantities, and even non-skateboards were quickly hacked to sell them at much higher prices.

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