Review: Nike SasQuatch 460 Ti Driver

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: Nike SasQuatch 460 Ti Driver

Details : Aldila NV-65 rigid shaft, 9.5 degrees

SasQuatch is certainly an interesting looking golf club. I still remember seeing the TV for the first time, watching a PGA event and thinking, God, why would anyone hit a golf club that was so terrible. But slowly, the strange figure and the bright, contrasting colors are serious to me and I saw how well I did.

A quick read through eBay and I found myself saved (well, they said the mint, it had a skies) SasQuatch for $ 230. One week later, I had a hand in the golf club and went to the driving range. The first encounter with SasQuatch was interesting. I used to hit the 12-degree R5 for a long time, so up to 9.5, probably not the most intelligent decision. Nevertheless, the R5 was so high that I thought it was a wider "windmill" from the track from 9.5 … and I was right. What I did not think was left-right … left-right influence!

The club's axis is the same as my R5, so I felt very good at the club's feeling. I like Aldila NV-65 because it forces me a nice, steady pace. With this axle pulling seems like turning right. But that's fine, I should not try to reach 110%. So there is no complaint about the axis. The track was very low and remained very low with the 9.5 degree driver side.

I would have liked SasQuatch's voice to be solid. It was a pretty threatening blow.

Well-stuck bullets went far enough, remained low enough, and ran a lot of runs at the cruise. Unfortunately this is not a wonderful piece of golf equipment, you still need to have a good golf swing on the ball if you want to go where you are aiming. There were lots of winds and hooks in the club. I think he did a lot of things with what I thought was the lack of general feeling where he was head of the club. The club seemed to me very easy, I would match up with intense concerts, and I've always felt like I was a fan. Maybe in a few more sections I was able to take this feeling … but I decided not to invest time, because I would rather like the R5's apology, feeling and length.

Okay, so after a few car racing sessions I felt like I could bring this interesting golf gadget to the track. And I did twice. Both times I certainly bombarded the shirt. But I've never really had a good feeling about the club and there are too many missing … and lost balls. I never felt my distrust with SasQuatch in my hands. I do not know why, is this shallow face? The crowd the club? Seriously, sometimes I felt like I was shooting a fly … I could feel some wind resistance … but where was the club's face?


I'm going to stick to the TaylorMade R5 as I feel comfortable enough today and I felt very good. Like I like to keep SasQuatch, it seems to find the way to eBay. Maybe you should look for the 10.5 degree R5 now though!

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