Philippine flag jacket pulled out the market

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The Philippine flag is a Philippine pride. There are many memories of the Philippine flag, which is today on the market. It is widely used as a variety of products such as decorations, souvenirs, bags and even clothes. There are many people who like the Philippine flagpole when Adidas launched this design series a couple of years ago. It was a limited edition apparel, and it was not out of stock at all.

Immediately after the great success of the market, he suddenly pulled it out because he breaks the Philippine law that bans the destruction of the flag. We are proud of the Philippine flag of the Philippines as a symbol of nation pride.

In Section 34 of Law 8491, states that disturbing humiliation, mutilation or use is illegal. The flag shall not affect the land or any other person or object in any way. It also prohibits the use of flags in the form of tablecloths, festivals or draperies. This can not be used as a cover for the statuses, ceilings or walls. Even if the page is respected by the flag, the rear or top of the vehicle is respected. Most importantly, the flag should not be used as a trademark in industrial, commercial or agricultural markets.

However, there are many Filipino Filipino Filipino workers who are not under Philippine law, who would like to wear Pinoy's pride with the Adidas Philippine coat. They continue to be widely sold online in most online stores. It can cost up to $ 99, including international shipment.

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