Nike WMNS Skinny Dunk 2009

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Nike WMNS Skinny Dunk 2009 is among the new members of Nike Dunk for Women. family, a fairly large family, including Nike SB Little Mexico Kuwahara ET Bike, Nike Dunk Dinosaur Junior Women SZ and WMNS Nike Dunks 9789 as Nike Dunk products for women. It was not long before I first used Nike Skinny Dunk 2009, but if I had a Dunk couple since I fascinated it, that would be the one.

Nike Skinny Dunk is not a short shoe. The shoe starts with a rather high precision, especially thanks to the thick sole; and grows steadily up to the highest point in the middle of the shoe toe where it meets the wearer's foot. By the way, this design is now Nike's favorite as a design that basically means the sole of a shoe that creates the illusion of height. – the wearer wears relatively high shoes, but does not suffer from the discomfort that would have been caused by traditional (high) shoes.

Thanks to the Nike Dunk 2009 label, the shoe turns out to be ideal for the lady who has always been afraid to wear a Dunk pair to lose her signature, # 39; thin & quot; watching. This is because it does not affect this thin image far, but the shoe just mentions it. In order to make such a thin aesthetics possible, it is noticeable that Nike has decided to extend the middle part of the shoe slightly between the toe and the tongue so that the shoes appear to be substantially longer and thinner.

To signal that this is an authentic Nike product, this shoe's sole is unique to Nike's "Tick" mark. (of course, with the word "Nike"). Nike will show up later on the shoe. body, where the new Nike products tend to last a long time from the center of the shoe to the back of the shoe and to the very end of the shoe on the other side. In my pair, however, the color scheme designed by Nike for Nike WMNS Skinny Dunk is somehow concealing Nike ticks on the shoe's body, though a more striking tick is found on the shoe's white patch. the highest point of the shoe, height wisdom).

Speaking of color schemes, in my father Dunks, the basic color is the blue tint of the Navy, a green floral background with some bright pink dot, the polka point, jumps to add to the feminine aspect.

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