Nike Windrunner jacket

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In 1978, we are not talking about the dark ages, but the world of sport is still looking for performance-enhancing clothing that protects them from our unpredictable climates.

Hollister's study will be the answer to the American native beaches that athletes are looking for.

These American Indians anticipated the fine stripes of cedar crust that produced almost weatherproof gloves, protecting them from the rain and holding it to a certain degree.

Lightweight, weather-resistant, breath-taking and yet warm, Hollister found an inexhaustible source of inspiration that would change the face of the sport.

Hollister's initial idea was to name his clothing on Cape Suit, athletes tested and tested the Cape Suit and was a winner.

In 1980, Nike sponsored athletes in the US Track and Field trials in Oregon brought clothing to the forefront of the public, but Nike decided that the coat was uniquely named Nike Windrunner.

In its 30-year history, the Nike Windrunner coat has its 26-degree sleek style, good airflow, wind and rain resistance in most jacket style.

However, there are Windrunner styles that are designed for fashion orientation, such as the Tech Pack product line or Nike Air Max releases.

Then, of course, there is the Nike LA Sunset Windrunner, arguably the most extravagant jacket that perfectly slides in the middle, so you can separate it and coincide with the double color.

What will be the next step in Nike Windrunner's life, watch this place.

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