Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver Overview

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The new Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver is the latest Nike Driver technology that reaches the market and is due late November 2010. This impressive-looking pilot will surely lose the golf world of storm and the next generation and upgraded version of the already popular Nike SQ Machspeed Driver.

Raising the art and science of aerodynamics and header adjustment technology to a whole new level, Nike managed to produce a leader specifically designed to control distance and control.

The club head's face is slightly higher than the SQ Machspeed Black Driver compared to the previous version and the crown moves faster, which increases the amount of forgiveness. The club head also provides a lower ball change and a lower spin speed to create the maximum distance.

The new "Full-fledged aerodynamic design" focuses on maximizing ball speed in the Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver, allowing golfers to reach a greater distance from the shirt. Nike is the new PowerBow & # 39; the design and the only diffuser that will help to significantly reduce the pull caused by wind resistance.

The Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver is also beneficial with Nike's patented STR8-FIT technology, which allows golfers to adjust the club head position to fit the swinging style perfectly.

You can choose from 8 options, 2 degrees open and 2 degrees closed. So if you have a slice or a hook, you can simply change the clubheads to a closed or open position and neutralize your effects.

The new Nike SQ Machspeed black drives are made in two models, each with a 460cm slim black club head and both using the latest technology introduced by Nike, but with a square shape while the other is a round.

The square version slightly forgives the golfers for greater consistency, while the round version is slightly better suited for increased shot shots (ideal for golfers with lower backlogs).

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